Dear Tim Cook Clause, This year I’d like…

iOS updates

  • Fix whatever the hell happened to editing in text fields with mobile safari
  • A ‘Worktime" feature to compliment “Downtime”
  • Adding start dates to reminders
  • iMessages on windows (I have to use windows at work…so this would be like a glass of water in hell)
  • a bit more refining of how to search through photos (It can be really tricky to get to the right photo and you never want to accidentally go to the start of your photostream)
  • Siri improvements (I too can use Google…it’s not that impressive Siri)

iPadOS updates:

  • Improvements to “desktop class safari”
  • some new homescreen improvements (widget stuff?)
  • Keyboard short cuts for multitasking windows
  • Keyboard shortcuts to trigger shortcuts
  • FinalCut for the iPad
  • A magical fix for the dead pixel in my iPad screen

WatchOS updates

  • More faces
  • 3rd party faces (that don’t majorly drain the battery)
  • Sleep tracking built in
  • more rings (Like a mindfulness one and a sleep one)

Mac Updates

  • stablity. Sorry, Bug fixes and performance enhancements.
  • ARM Macs


  • ARM Macbook air type thing
  • Homepod Mini
  • Homepod with screen
  • Apple watch 6 with new sensor

Thank you Tim Cook Clause Here are some cookies

p.s. The thing with Hey sucks. Don’t be that guy.