🎧 Ask Daily Stoic: Ryan and David Epstein Talk Range & Resilience A fun discovery having recently read Ego is the Enemy and Range. One of my favourite parts is when David gives the advice he recieved on how to become a writer.

“Go live on a russian fishing boat for 5 years.”

The point being “live a life worth writing stories about.” It reminded my of a writing course I took. Instead of producing great writers, it seemed to churn out writers who wrote about writing. I remember discussing it with a friend at the time and he commented that the problem was there were too many people who wanted to say something, without having anything to say. I keep thinking about that critique, I know it has been true of me. In fact, six years ago it made me take a pause from writing. I knew that I needed to start having more experiences to write about. I don’t think I’m perfect in this respect, but I am keen to aware doing the thing about the thing situations (i.e. writing about writing, sharing about how I’m productive in my business about productivity, making sketchnotes about sketchnoting.) There’s nothing intrinsicly wrong with any of that, but it’s certainly a path that leads to really strange stuff.