We’ve not had a good experience of the current Poland covid system.

To get a test, you need a perscripion from your family doctor (or spend $100) It took my wife several days to be able to speak to a GP to get a perscription. She had called at 8:00 when the surgery opened, they answered her call at 8:40 and said someone would call back between 13:00 and 18:00. The doctor only managed to call at 21:30 after being on duty all day.

Today, my wife went for a test at 8:00, by 9:00 they were out of tests and everyone was sent away. There are record cases in Poland but we’re not even able to get tested. We have two friends who are confirmed cases, plus another couple of friends of friends who are confirmed.

It feels like the virus is just taking over everything right now and the system just can’t keep up.