Yesterday I had a strange realisation. My 2013 MacBook Pro is probably the best Apple device I have bought. That surprised me as I don’t think it has ever been my favourite Apple device, but the fact that my wife and I still use it and it works fine mean that it has had the longest life out of any Apple product I’ve owned. I love my Airpods when I first bought them, but their battery life has left them near useless now and instead just frustrating. the iPhone SE was a fantastic phone when I first bought it and live photos are so much fun, but it has a limited life (will it get the next software update?) and I upgraded to the iPhone Xs and that was better…and worse. My iPad Pro can out perform the MacBook in may ways and the pencil is great fun, but I doubt it will last half as long as this MacBook pro. Perhaps logenvity shouldn’t be the top criterion for “the best product” but the fact that I’ve not really felt the need to upgrade is as positive sign to me.

Although a MacBook with an A14 type chip and Apple pencil support would be very interesting.