A parabola idea is an idea who has gained a second meaning. While the person who coined the term or expression may have had one thing in mind, other people now have a completely different association with it. Here are a few examples

1. Inbox Zero

In it’s original context it was about not feeling like you have to keep checking your email. Instead you bulk checked and processed your email. But now most people use it to refer to the literal state of having no emails in their inbox, even if they have their email app open all the time to do so (and so not applying inbox zero).

2 Virtue signaling

Originally a term to about actions that help show and build allegiance to a group by exhibiting certain moral behaviors Now a pejorative term used to criticize anyone showing “leftist” ideology or caring for other people.

3. Morning pages

Originally an idea from Julie Cameron of writing, by hand, three pages of stream of consciousness that should be discarded. This was to get the creative juices flowing and remove any inhibitors. Now it means doing some form of journaling or writing in the morning. This could be a highly structured one-line long day plan or an article for a website.

4. Thanks, Obama

Originally to sarcastically criticize then President Obama for consequences (real or perceived of his presidency. Now, a way to mock conservatives who blame president Obama for almost anything. If something bad happen, say “Thanks, Obama.”

5. Fake news

Originally, the creation of false and often completely made up news stories by unknown and foreign news sources without journalistic integrity for multiple purposes. 1) foreign agents trying destabilize a country. 2) For political opponents seeking to smear and discredit opponents. 3) for advertising revenue from views. Now it means negative news stories of Donald Trump whether they are accurate or not.

Can you think of any others?