For a while I’ve wondered about combining my two sites Sketchnote Classroom and Learn Create Share into one site.


  • I want to focus on one site, not two.
  • There is a lot of overlap between the two. They are both about creativity.
  • I share sketchnotes on different topics on LCS so almost all the content is sketchnote based really.

The reason I started LCS was to encourage myself to share more sketchnotes (and content) that weren’t about sketchnoting but other topics. The only issue I have is that Sketchnote classroom is very clearly about sketchnoting and solves a very clear problem for people (using sketchnotes to learn…and learning how to sketchnote) whereas LCS is a lot less well defined (It’s a process… that is good?).

Why does it matter?

I’m getting ready to launch some new stuff (updated courses and something very special) and so I’m wondering if I should merge the two sites. I have thought about merging them into LCS but part of me thinks it is more sensible to merge them into Sketchnote classroom (I have a clearly message and better SEO).

What do you think?

I’d love your thoughts. Which name is better (in your opinion)? OR do you think I should stick with both!