I really hate things where there is no single “perfect” option, but instead a list of compromises and considerations. Some examples.


While there are definitely better and worse bags, the best bag for today might be different than the best bag for tomorrow. Today I want something small and discrete, tomorrow I’m taking lunch into work and need something to support that. Admittedly, lockdowns and work from home have made me forget about these issues somewhat.


Do I want the fixed lens rangefinder (yes, yes I do) that would be terrible for wildlife (okay, maybe not but I’m as surprised as you are). Or what about a small micro four thirds camera with cheaper fast lenses but worse low light performance and fewer megapixels? OR maybe a full frame mirrorless beast that costs an arm and leg and is so large you’d probably just take your smart phone. Every option has compromises.


Do I want the over-ear headphones that are comfy while at the desk, but horrible when out walking (I had a nice pair in Spain but it was so hot that I just avoided wearing them!) or the in-ear pair that are great when walking, but also never really fit my ears and get annoying after a while. Or Airpods whose battery die after a year and a bit.

The answer is both none of the above, and all of the above…but my wallet dictates none.

Compromise, or por que no los dos?

The solution is either to compromise for most situations (my bag approach.) or buy multiple (my headphone approach, although my airpods have now died…so I’ve ended up with one pair). Sometimes I wish there was a perfect solution in these areas but I suspect that even a bag which could adjust size would also be a compromise (not as thin when compact, not as comfortable, maybe not as sturdy).

At times like this, I’m grateful for those “coca-cola” options. The things where there’s one solution which meets your needs at least 90% of the time.