I’m really happy with not trying to force my iPad to be my main computer but just use it for what I like doing on it (reading, drawing, some web browsing, Listening to audiobooks while cooking, facetime calls with family back home) and use my Macbook Air for what I like doing on that (writing, editing videos, day job… which is writing, trello, managing and spreadsheets…oh so many spreadsheets.)

If Apple updates iPadOS to make the iPad better for day job work, I might reconsider but I’m not sure why I would now.

I like having a causal device and work devices or having a book/notes open on my iPad with a writing space on my Macbook.

When I was an “iPad only*" person I valued the iPad’s prompting of monotasking. While that hasn’t changed, I’ve since found that the MacBook can be equally low-distracting as it can be seen as a work device (when set up with fewer notifications, not installing certain apps, limits on internet access etc).

In fact, freeing the iPad to be an iPad has allowed me to also make it less distracting. Now I don’t have to use it for work, I can block the internet, uninstall anything that gives a notification related to work, and make it a better consumption and creation device.

If Apple adds more pro apps to the iPad or improves support for multitasking, external windows, split audio etc then fine. I’m sure some blogger will write about how the iPad truly can be anyone’s only computer just as they have for the last X years. (While the verge will also point out how it can’t be your only computer because it doesn’t work well with their CMS).

But whatever happens, I doubt it will affect my workflow much.

(There is a chance that future Chris is really mad at how stupid past Chris is writing this… I guess we’ll see!)

*terms and conditions apply. Definitions of iPad only may vary and usually don’t include day jobs.