I’m starting a micro cast experiment to get more familiar with my new company’s app PomPom. It’s a podcast editor that’s native to the Apple platform so my role as a marketing executive will be to help make it more wide known and create relevant content on the Apple and podcast ecosystems.

So here we go!


Hi, everyone. welcome to my first microcast. This is a new experiment I’m doing partially because I am joining a new company who makes a podcast editing tool called pom-pom. In fact I’m using it to recording to edit this podcast now this microcast but also because I’ve had the desire to do podcast for awhile I’ve put it  off for very good reasons and And now I can’t have a perfect excuse to break through that barrier because it will help with work so it’s one of those things which is fortuitous to help me overcome those barriers. So what will this micro cast be about? I’m not 1 00 % sure I’m basically starting now and starting to microcast to try and find my feet. And in fact that’s what I basically did with my newsletter. I had started a newsletter three years ago or something crazy like this maybe even longer and the idea was just sharing some things that I found interesting something that made me smile each week and that was even the initial name the initial version And then overtime I changed it to be more focused on showing Sketchnote resources in fact I actually think that was the first version — sharing Sketchley resources came first then I share a type of things I found interesting. Then I changed it again to be about creativity and showing the creative process And now currently I’ve been doing the sketching round up for 20 editions that I’ve sent out and this has really seems like it’s found its place. I think I actually had more subscribers for the the old learn create share newsletter but this is one which is just so easy for me to create and it’s so fun to create and it feels like it’s it’s the right newsletter to be doing And it’s just interesting how that has kind of emerged from nowhere and that it took me a long time of trying different things of changing the format of making mistakes to find the thing that actually worked for me. and that’s that’s the key part you know maybe this isn’t the most popular newsletter it could be. If I was really focusing on that and maybe I do something different for my followers or whatever but it’s a sustainable newsletter that I can keep going. And so that’s what I’m hoping will happen with this microcast. Maybe I’ll make some pivots maybe I’ll try different formats but it’s only by starting that I can learn what I actually want to do so thank you for listening and I’ll catch you in the next one