I've Joined PomPom as a Marketing Executive

Back in 2013 I started a small podcast to promote our English School in Badajoz, Spain.

We shared our thoughts on Spanish life and made some materials based on the topics we discussed. Our students loved it! The content was intimately relevant for them, and they got free lessons each week.

To our surprise, we ended up in the top 50 language podcasts in iTunes.

By that time I was already a major podcast fan having discovered them after graduating from university in 2008 and working scanning documents while searching for a more permanent job. The work was boring, but it let me listen to whatever I wanted while I worked.

Today, I am taking the next step of my podcast journey

I'm moving beyond just listening and creating a podcast but joining Pompom— a podcast studio application native to the Apple platform.

After speaking to the team a few months back and bonding over our loves of all things Apple, great podcasts and getting excited about their vision for the app, I knew I wanted to join. Fortunately for me, my ideas for how we could promote pompom made them want me to join as well.

I'm sure I'll share more in the future but if you're looking for a simple podcast editing app with time saving features to help you product podcasts faster, you should definitely check out Pompom on the Mac and iOS app stores.