The end of the year is in sight.

And while there’s still time for me to purchase a new piece of tech, I think it’s safe for me to create this roundup list (especially with my current financial situation).

I haven’t bought too many items this year, but these three stand out above the rest.

AirPods Pro

My wife is the best.
I had resisted replacing my old AirPods with news ones but my wife convinced me.
She was right. They’ve helped me with countless video calls, blocking out noisy neighbours (and kids) not to mention hours of podcast listening.

And It sounds like the second gen are even better.

Samsung M7

There’s no perfect cheap monitor for Apple computers, but this is close.

It’s a

  • 32"
  • 4k
  • USB-C connection monitor.

Back when I was deep in spreadsheets, reports and editing every day, this screen was invaluable. Now it is amazing for editing videos, recording screen casts (I can record a limited space on the screen and have notes in the rest) and for opening a ton of resources from Logos.

Caldigit ts3+

The two ports on the Macbook Air just aren’t enough.

Well, not when I make a video and have my camera, microphone, streamdeck, iPad, monitor and external hard drive all hooked up. This handy little device has made it all a dream.

Previously, I had a dongle that required some careful planning to get everything connected. Now I hook one thunderbolt 3 cable into my Macbook, and away I go.

**What about you? **What have been your favourite hardware tech purchases of the year.