I didn’t really think Twitter was just going to collapse in a cloud of hubris…after the recent contractor layoffs, I unfortunately think I’m going to be proven wrong.

On the plus side, I don’t really plan to replace Twitter. Yes, micro blog is similar in someways (and the fact that I’m writing a micro blog post about micro blog is very Twitter), but it has a different character and is deliberately slower and less about the new shiny (new Apple announcements aside).

The whole process has made me think, **maybe I don’t need social media. **

Maybe I’ve been trying to fill a need for social validation that isn’t filled by a social platform.

Maybe my life would be better if I spent more time without my phone.

These thoughts should come as no surprise after spending the daylight hours phoneless and with Andy Crouch’s The Life We’re Looking For next up in my reading list. Regardless, I’m sure I will still share a link, a blog post, and a sketchnote or two here and across the web.