🎥 How Minimalism Got Toxic: The Dark Side - Internet Impact - YouTube

A great video about the issues around minimalism. It’s funny how I remember people discussing many of these issues back in the early 2010s. I actually think it would be fun to see a “world’s worst minimalist” and highlight the values of seeking enough rather than less. Messy house, not chasing the usual goals, having fun. (Although, if I were really doing the second, I probably wouldn’t share it on social media.)

We really have to appreciate the irony’s in life like the people who say we must live our lives for ourselves…but end up being lead by the comments and algorithims.

A critique - they critique the minimalists for how much they make each month from their patreons but that ignores the costs of their operation. This may still be a fair critique but they need to actually crunch the numbers for that.