I’ve seen a lot about the fourth turning recently. I’ll admit my first reaction was that it seemed and interesting idea. At the same time, I had some major questions right from the off. It seamed very American centric, the more I’ve looked at the more it seems like it might be European - American. After I just saw a well known kinist christian figure share a video seemingly endorsing it (I’m not clicking on that!) and it made me wonder:what kind of people does this “prophetic” vision attract and why?

I can imagine those very critical of “Wokism” would be attracted as the author seams to say that we’re heading to a phase of returning to community values over individualism. I can also see why revivalist christians would like it. There were several great awakenings throughout American history and so it might seem prophetic of another one coming.

(I should add that the author seems to have a new book on the topic coming out so the reason I’m seeing this idea a lot is probably just because he’s promoting it).