I have a few work in progress articles as open MicroBlog windows. This is not the best idea as they don’t always restore/I can lose them etc. So I’m debating a publishing app again (espeically if it can publish to multiple places). The obvious answers are

  1. Drafts - it can do all the things and I have the actions in place already
  2. Obsidian - it’s where my thoughts are and I can link them to other ideas.
  3. iA Writer - This could be a dedicated place for longform output.

I can make a good argument for each one but I’m trying to work out “Which will be easiest for me to use and will encourage me to use it the most?” My current guess is 3 as I already have 1 and 2 but don’t really use them (that’s a sign of something. Then again I could adapt my drafts workspace/add the obsidian plugins).