I really enjoyed the Dr Who specials, but also didn’t really like some of the decisions like the reason for his old face and the bi-generation (which apparently was always a myth but isn’t explained at all. Shouldn’t he turn into two new people? Otherwise wouldn’t it be myxosis and he should be two of him. Also isn’t it amazing that David Tennent’s Doctor TWICE gets to go off and live a normal life. These kind of changes feel like rewriting the lore of who for no reason (okay it’s because ratings had plummeted and people love Tennent and so they now can keep him around for whenever, maybe a bonus one off adventure.

I loved the Toymaker and the Wide blue yonder was great (the clones who have all the same memories made it fantastic for the mystery of how do you tell them apart).

It was the first who I had seen in years (a fair part due to not being in the UK) and I don’t know. The new dr seems fun and if they keep it on Disney+ I will certainly give it a try.