I love my iPad pro. It’s probably my favourite Apple device (although my m1 Macbook Air and iPhone are great too). But, do I have to stick with it?

For years, the iPad was the only choice of tablet.

Sure, Microsoft had some more powerful tablet-shaped laptops, but that’s what they were. Big heft laptops that could dress up (or down?) as a tablet if you really wanted (but no one would want to read an ebook on them for an extended time).

While there were several factors that kept me in the Apple ecosystem, the portability and battery life of the iPad was a big one (it was the perfect EFL teacher’s device) and Procreate made it more inevitable than Thanos.

But now I’m not a teacher and there a more than viable (and arguably far suprerior) alternative to procreate in Adobe Fresco (Concepts is great too but I’ve never quiet got on with it).

So what if I switched?

I’ve had a long term plan to replace my iPad after the screen got a white spot due to overheating. It still works, but obviously isn’t great for drawing (and it doesn’t harm that the new Pros have a better pencil, better support for external displays, new multitasking, and so on.

But, if I’m using Adobe fresco, maybe there’s a cheaper or better alternative? (I just did a quick check and it’s not looking great. Surface options look pricey and don’t have great battery life. Sure, it’s more of a computer when plugged in but I have other needs).

For a long time I’ve liked Apple as a company.

Their philosophy of devices that work well together, opinionated products and commitments to environmental causes have resonated with me. But their attitude to recent anti-monopoly regulations has left a bad taste in my mouth.

That said, Apple still does seem to align with my values (though I’m sure there are alternatives who do align more). And buying an Apple or alternative device so close to rumoured release dates for updates would be crazy — I don’t have the funds anyway!

In all likelihood I’ll still end up with an iPad. The combination with my Macbook is fantastic and it is probably the best tablet tablet for me around. But it’s not a guarantee.