I’m interested in getting a new iPad (eventually) and I’ve heard a few interesting rumours about the next iPad updates (But I’m not following religiously). But, here’s my take on where the product lines should go.

These are not what I expect Apple will do, but I what I believe would be a good, clear delineation and attractive line up.


  • iPad mini is the small one
  • iPad is the cheap, causal device
  • iPad Air (change name to studio) is the Artists one
  • iPad Pro is the future touch laptop replacement one.

iPad mini

This is the one iPad Apple has nailed. There are a few performance compromises over the larger ones, but it does a great job as a small reader iPad that you can also sketch on. You can even hook it up to a display if you really want.

Just keep on this track and you’re fine.


The iPad is doing…okay. It’s better now with the USB pencil avoiding that confusing usb to lightning cable and adaptor. It’s great as a first computing device with the folio keyboard or casual browsing device. Just give it a chip update and improve the screen refresh.

iPad Air (Studio)

The Air is the strange one at the moment. It’s a halfway house between the regular iPad and pro. Some of the compromises are just to make the pro more attractive, while it has some really impressive spec that make it almost as good. I suggest Apple makes this take the place of the current Pro in their line up, make it more for artists and designers, and call it the studio.

  1. They don’t have to compromise and hold the Air back
  2. Air is a strange name, it suggests lightweight but it’s more pro than the regular. Calling it the Studio helps fit with the mac naming system.
  3. Artists/aspiring artists are a great market and keen users of the iPad. By tailoring this device for them, they can really hone in on what they need.

One other factor to mention, add a 13" size. That’s a bit plus for some artists.

But what about the pro? I’m glad you asked.

iPad Pro

The rumours for the iPad pro are that it will be a foldable device and gain even more power. That sounds really intriguing and could help push the pro more towards the hybrid laptop/tablet so many users want. But, will a foldable be great for the artists? How will it affect using a pencil on the screen? I have no idea but let’s imagine there are some compromises for the first couple of years. By elevating the air to the studio, you mitigate against those risks AND can still charge more for both devices (I’m pitching to Apple execs right now).

Plus this would allow the Pro to really stand out as a different device from in the line up.

And, if this is perfect for an Artist with no compromises from the folding of the screen, you can pitch this as a larger cintiq replacement too.

Final line up

  • iPad Mini (7")
  • iPad (11" ish)
  • iPad Studio (11")
  • iPad Studio (13")
  • iPad Pro (7-14" foldable)
  • iPad Pro (12 - 24" foldable)

Not perfect at all, but I’d certainly know what I’d buy next.