• My family went to a local Alpaca park this weekend. How was your weekend?

    Sidenote: I really love using a mirrorless camera even if i missed a few images due to manual focusing — it’s an old lens.

  • New lens, who dis?

  • Took me a while, but I finally finished my sketchnote summary of Practicing the Way by John Mark Comer.

  • Homemade pizzas night is the best! (My daughter always wants to make hers like a cat face)

  • This is Szczyrk, Poland.

  • This is Poland.

  • Actual footage of me before and after drinking coffee.

  • Earlier this year I read Gospel Allegiance by Matthew W Bates. It argues that the greek word we frequently translate as “Faith” might be best understood as Allegiance (even though Bates acknowledges that Pistis means faith/faithfulness/trust. This was a detail I missed in my first reading but caught when preparing the sketchnote.) The standout parts are where he breaks down Paul’s explanation of the Gospel in 1 Corinthians and explaining how works are necessary.

  • I really enjoyed making this one, mainly because I love any excuse to use a gold leaf layer in procreate.

  • Over the weekend I got this £5 rip off Apple Watch band. I love it. Great colour, great feel, secure fit.

  • A change to my morning routine

    For the longest time I’ve put coffee on first thing in the morning; not anymore. We got coffee beans not grinds recently and — combined with the changing on the clocks that have made my kids finally not wake me up at 5 every. single. morning — I now have a little pause first thing. So I grab a glass … read more

  • Made this for Easter.

    The outline is a single line, I used a gold leaf clipping mask for the tomb and another grey layer for the stone.

    One of the reasons I use yellow/ orange in my sketches is my interest in iconography.

  • A sketchnote summary of Henri Nouwen’s The Way of the Heart. I had forgotten I had made this after I read it but @mwerickson reminded me of it.

  • When you make friends with someone on micro blog you never know what will happen.

  • I really like this one.

  • A new, partially recycled iPhone case

    When I got my new iPhone last year I picked up a dirt cheap case of Amazon for some basic protection. It was fine, but not attractive and I didn’t realise how much it reduced Magsafe. Well, last week I replaced it with an Otterbox core (using an Amazon voucher I got from work). It’s … read more

  • Be curious, not judgemental

    – Walt Whitman

    — Ted Lasso

  • The new Lublin bus station last night.

    The central Lublin bus station. With pillars that look like tree branches.
  • How I think I’ll feel when fasting vs how I actually feel.

    Just me?

  • The pessimist says it’s half empty.

    The pedant says it’s full.