New word of the week: vacillate - to waver between two options, opinions, actions.

    Not a new word for me, but one I never know how to spell.

    Great relaxing weekend hiking with friends and little to no internet.

    My feelings about a certain review.

    What's in my dad bag?

    Whenever I’m with my kids, I have my “Dad bag” with me.

    Its content varies slightly depending on which of my three kids is with me, but here’s the basics of it.

    • Nappies
    • Suncream
    • Wet wipes
    • Muslin rags
    • Sandwiches
    • Bottles of water
    • Anti-mosquito spray
    • Fruit Mousse for the kids
    • A change of baby clothes (full set)
    • A backup t-shirt for me, incase of vomit
    • Backup shorts for the potty training child

    Sometimes I’ll take a few extra items like more food or a picnic rug, but that’s the main gist of my bag (although If I don’t have certain kids with me, I can take fewer things).

    Overall, it’s a great pack to have but there’s one item I’m missing.

    A backup battery.

    My 5 year old iPhone Xs doesn’t have the battery life it used to, and if I don’t charge it during the work day, It can lead to some issue. Like not being able to warn my wife when we’re heading back home or asking if we should get something from the shop.

    My one pro tip

    If you have certain items you need for one kid or another, try to group them together in a mini kit or bag (we just use Ikea resealable bags). That way, if one parent takes one kid and the other another, you have the right nappies with you at all times.

    I’m thinking of sharing an interesting word a week as a way to help expand my vocabulary. I’ve been over using this one recently. Ouroboric - a never-ending cycle.

    It’s happening again…

    A bit of a lettering experiment today and a reminder to myself.

    I’m working in a cafe for the first time in ages as I wait for my train to pickup my family. It’s a great change.

    A friendly reminder inspired by an email in my inbox.

    When you turn your hobby into a hustle, you’ll probably lose what made it a great hobby in the first place. Not always, but probably.

    I got an Amazon voucher from work for my birthday and spent it all on books. Can you see the common trend?

    New baby, who did? (Literally. We haven’t settled on a name yet!)

    Day off with the kids.

    A vegan Birthday lunch with my wife. Very tasty.

    Find and replace.

    New stickers for the laptop cover. Thanks micro camp.

    I’m a protestant but I love icons. I found this beautiful one on instagram and decided to make my own version in procreate. The original artist has a lot more detail! Fun experiment with textures though.

    Had some fun making a Matisse style cutouts for this Matisse quote. “Creativity takes courage”.

    A graphic showing the Matisse quote “Creativity takes Courage” with a cutout of Matisse in blue.

    A quick visual of The Paradox of Choice. I have a trick for shopping for craft beer. I have a price limit and look for items on sale in my local shop. 90% of the time, that makes my decision for me. Otherwise I use the process I say in the post.

    Struggling with something in my head today so mucking around in procreate and single line portraits (With extra layers for colour).

    When you’re down on the south bank and have your iPad with you…

    Hi from London.

    I started a little Van Gough inspired background for my zoom calls. I might add more details but I’m also tempted to try a more manga style one too.

    I decided to try Hipstermatic again and it made iPhone photography feel fun again. I think it’s mostly just a change from “the iPhone look” to photo processing.

    Happy “this-is-the-way-nesday” to all who celebrate.

    Happy Ted Lasso day for all who celebrate.

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