• 🔗 The Surface Duo, Microsoft’s first-ever Android phone, is $1,400

    The Surface Duo, Microsoft’s first-ever Android phone, is $1,400 A foldable can be a big-screen device for watching video, playing games, using a tablet-style app, or browsing a desktop webpage. The Surface Duo will never be a good device for these use cases. To be clear, the device does have a … read more

  • I’m really enjoying using Stoop for newsletters…but I wonder if setting up a specific email address for newsletters and using a separate email app would be just as good or even better in some ways…

  • I used ferrite with a bluetooth keyboard for the first time today. It’s even better!

  • Okay…let’s see what this is like (me photoshop/lightroom subscription runs out in February. I have no intention to renew. Procreate and the affinity apps do all I need. But maybe adobe will prove me wrong)

  • On Small Phones

    In some ways, I miss my iPhone SE. With the renewed rumours of an iPhone SE 2 (fool me once…) I thought I’d finish writing a post I started on the benefits of small phones. Pocketable I have the smaller iPhone Xs but even this beast can be difficult to fit in some of my pockets! Every … read more

  • I was starting to regret moving from Ulysses to iA Writer but then I set up Typora to access my iA Writer file database and I remembered why I changed. I can easily use multiple app to access the same files or switch to another tool with no effort.

  • Goodbye Apple UK, Hello Apple Poland.

    Well I finally did it. I switched from my UK based Apple iTunes account to a Polish based one. A couple of years ago (sometime after June 23, 2016) I realised I probably wouldn’t be returning to the UK in the short run and looked into changing to a Polish account. The additional benefits of … read more

  • 🔗 Mu Two | Next Generation 63W Dual USB Type-C Wall Charger - Kickstarter

    Mu Two | Next Generation 63W Dual USB Type-C Wall Charger - Kickstarter Simultaneously charge your devices with the dual USB Type-C ports. Designed with a primary USB C port for the latest Type-C charged laptops, and secondary USB C port for tablets and smartphones. This is probaby the closest … read more

  • Challenge: Use a voice assistant more

    There’s a piece of data that makes me the most skeptical regarding voice assistants is how (in general) younger people prefer to text rather than call. Perhaps that reflects that younger people are less willing to use a voice assistant than type commands. On the other hand, I know many parents … read more

  • Song link have made some iOS shortcuts! This is great! Now I just need to test them out.

  • Opinions on the best keyboard for an iPad Pro (rocking the 10.5).

  • 🔗 Addicted to Screens? That’s Really a You Problem - New York Times (I have thoughts)

    🔗 Addicted to Screens? That’s Really a You Problem - New York Times In his original manual for building enthralling smartphone apps, Mr. Eyal laid out the tricks “to subtly encourage customer behavior” and “bring users back again and again.” He toured tech companies speaking about the Hook Model, … read more

  • Stoop Version 2: Subscribe to YouTube Channels

    Stoop version 2: Subscribe to YouTube channels Stoop 2 is now available in both the App Store and Google Play Store. It brings lots of little improvements over the first version and one big one: you can now subscribe to YouTube Channels and have them delivered right to your Stoop where they’ll be … read more

  • Erm…iOS 13.1.2 you okay?

  • My AirPods (gen 1 almost …three years old…no that’s impossible?!?!) are starting to get really buggy. They keep cutting out and disconnecting after about forty minutes. No warning or “saddest sound in the universe” beforehand. I fear they may not be long for this world 🙁.

  • Just curious for work. Anyone had any experience using the inbuilt call recorder with Skype on Windows? Is it any good? Any alternative options?

  • So I’m using Windows 10 at my new job. There’s a lot not to like but there are some interesting aspect.

    • Windows hello is nice (Apple Watch unlock on a Mac is better)
    • onenote is kind of cool
    • I like the titles I still prefer macs.
  • Just before iOS 13 came out, I gave ferrite another go. It didn’t stick with me before but now I get it. With the added iOS 13 support for external storage, it’s made my weekly edit and upload the church sermon much easier. Big fan.

  • When you discover had an alpha api.

  • The tempation to chromebook

    I really want to try a chromebook. There’s something about them which really appeals to me. It’s probably because 90% of my day job is Chrome based applications (and the other 10% is creating silly graphics of my colleagues). There are, however, a couple of things that really put me off. … read more