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  • This is me.

  • If you’d like to make sketchnotes but have never given it a go, I’d love to know what holds you back. (Or what held you back before you started).

    For me:

    • I hated my drawings
    • I had no idea how to make things fit in the limited space.
    • Freeform doc on Mac “What on earth is this mess of half images”.
    • Same freeform doc on iPad “Oh hello useful collaboration document with pictures, drawings, links and more.”
  • Clint Eastwood by Gorillaz was made with a drum synth preset

    I remember hearing that the drums on Umbrella by Rhianna are a default garageband set. Great examples of take advantage of creative help.

  • I used to have my streamdeck mini setup so I could pull up my obsidian daily note with a button and save a web page with a click. Somewhere along the way I lost those shortcuts so I guess I need to recreate them again.

  • A major strength and weakness of obsidian is that you make the structure.

    • The strength is that makes you think about the ideas you save.
    • The weakness is that slows down quick capture and can lead to more time organizing than using. I’m starting to think that maybe I need a separate app for capture, bookmarking and then use obsidian as an idea / essay factory.
  • Unexpectedly using my iPad a whole lot again. Not sure why exactly but probably more reading, more sketchnoting and maybe a small element of obsidian too (in contrast to word docs, logos and video editing which I was doing more on the Mac.)

  • If you’re a Christian, you might enjoy this little lent devotional series i’m doing. Each day has a verse, a reflection, a prayer and a sketch.

  • Universal control is so magical when it just works…but right now my Mac has no idea my iPad is right next to it so I’m typing on the screen like an animal.

  • My professor sent us some non OCRd pdf as part of our reading. It wasn’t great for reading in reader by Readwise but then I found owlocr which can ocr a pdf as a quick action on the Mac. So now I’m reading and highlight as I like in reader which I’ll sync with obsidian and attack to my course notes. I’m pretty cuffed with this workflow.

  • Wrote something. Not sure if I should publish it. Saved to journal for now. It’s one of the reasons I love drafts and it’s quick actions. Start a blog post, save it as a journal; start a journal entry, share it on your blog. You never know where your writing might take you.

  • I replaced my tiny little light for video calls with a Godox ES45 and it’s a real improvement! Now if I could just get the cabin that they used for the background 🤔

  • I see so much stuff about doing X faster. I can understand the desire to get more things done or not have to wait for some long process, but it’s absolutely bizarre when the process is the point. Why on earth would you want to cut down on the thing you enjoy?

  • Sometimes, when sketchnoting on paper, things go really wrong. But you can always cover up your mistake.

  • Micro bloggers who use a daily planner, what sort of sections, questions and prompts do you have in yours? I’m reviewing my current one.

  • Sometimes you’ve just got to love the irony that “thinking outside the box” is a cliche.

  • Hey Siri, define bad management culture.

    When Musk or the goons ask questions, employees are torn between giving the right answer and the safe answer.

  • Two new and fairly cheap notebooks for bullet journals (one is a backup).

    I never wanted a spiral bound non hardcover before but it really helps! Only thing missing is a ribbon to quickly find my place.

    The black one is from a Polish sketchnote and is in local supermarkets.

  • My whole team avoids Google meets like the plague and uses slack hangouts instead… despite the extra ease of arranging a (meets?) in Google calendar. That’s a really bad sign for Google.

  • My daughter is away with her grandparents so we’re having a spicy curry tonight. It’s the little thing in life sometimes.

  • Canon has announced the r50 which looks like it might well be a successor to the m50. The fact that it has dual pixel focus at 4k 30 which is impressive. It seems to be around the nikon z30 and sony A6100 which both have more affordable APS-C lenses (Nikon’s all come from Viltox mind).

    Why am I writing all this, well I need to replace my broken Nikon z50 of course.

  • Apple notes and freeform are probably better than obsidian and it’s canvas for 90% of people.

  • It’s possibly/probably a coincidence but since I first had covid, I get real leg pains every time I have any kind of virus.

  • How’s you’re Sunday going?

  • Goldeneye is now on the Switch.
    The first thing I did was message my friends from childhood to confirm that we’d play a game when I’m next back in the UK.

    Slaps only.