My youngest has pneumonia and so my wife is taking her into hospital. A few days of single dad-ing with my other two. Full time single parents have my upmost respect.

This is the exact loop in thinking I go through whenever I consider moving my newsletter off substack. “Helpfully”, my sketchy ideas website also seems to be down. So maybe this is the push I need to move platform (Is that Ghost whispering my name I hear?)

Time to say goodbye to the UK again. It was a great at trip and very tiring. Looking forward to a good nights sleep (but it won’t be tonight as we get in at 23:55 to the airport!

I think I’m going to change sketchyideas to the new default WordPress theme. I don’t really see the advantages of a custom theme with the way full site editing is going and the typical impact on load speed. But if you know another good theme, let me know.

How does one get a button with “reply on” at the bottom of each post? I assume I need to edit my template but I’ve seen some that are next to a “reply on mastodon” but there’s no plugin for that.

Dog vs Apple Pencil.

Today I learned there’s a raspberry pi store in Cambridge. I’ve just managed to avoid buying one. For now.

In Cambridge today to see some old friends.

The History of Evernote in Screenshots - by Jon Tromans

The History of Evernote in Screenshots - by Jon Tromans

Well, this is worse than I remember.

I failed my reading goal last year. I’m not sure if I missed tracking some books I read, but I still know I read less than the last few years combined. I’m not 100% sure why but tiredness in the evenings, 3 kids and some issues with brain fog at the start of the year didn’t help. I’m hoping to change

A little late on my newsletter this week but I wanted a bit more time to get some things in order. I hope you enjoy (It’s about goals, yearly themes and more).

Submitted my paper on Jonah. I could have written so much more and every time I reduced a section I wanted to add a new one. I stilll have some lingering questions and would love some more resources to go deeper but for now I’m looking forward to some casual reading.

It’s that time of year again. Tell me your yearly theme and I’ll make a phone wallpaper for you.

Family Christmas in the Derbyshire Dales. It’s been lovely, windy and exhausting. Still a few more days to go when we leave. We’ve had erratic internet access the whole time but I picked up an eSim for the rest of our stay here. Still, even that doesn’t always provide access! The process was great though, still not as good as the old EU roaming was but better than high roaming fees.

A new sketchnote summary of an article on 8 ways to end imposter syndrome for good.

A sketchnote of Nick Wignall’s article 8 Ways to end imposter syndrome for good.

We took the kids to see Bluet live at the Southbank Centre. Amazing production and the kids had a great time.

A theory: Christian Nationalists view their country (primarily the US, but also UK, others) as Israel pre-exile. Non christian nationalists view their countries as Babylon and themselves in exile.

“Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that’s the stuff life is made of.” ― Benjamin Franklin

The word Life made up of the word time written over and over again.

Good morning from the UK 🇬🇧

On imposter syndrome

Two pictures of people at a party. One shows one person thinking “I don’t belong here” and a headline (what it feels like) and the other shows everyone thinking the same thought and rhetoric headline “reality”.