I had been using Obsidian a lot less for a couple of months but I’m back again! But I know it doesn’t gel for a lot of people. If you use a similar but different app, I’d love to know what you’ve found.

Had some dust on my camera lens (easter photos all had a black dot at the bottom) so I cleaned my sensor for the first time yesterday. Much easier than I thought it would be!

Just stumbled across a life planner thing that comes in a fancy black box. I don’t want a life planner notebook, but I really want a fancy black box with cards worksheets, etc (oh and it just so happens to have a notebook).

It’s amazing how packaging can affect your mind.

I’ve started using the health apps “log your mood” feature and I love it. It’s a nice prompt. I’m also intentionally trying to turn negative feelings into positive ones (I.e. I had a few unpleasant logs about work so I picked a fun task. My next work log was pleasant. )

Interesting little fact. We tend to be more optimistic about our local area than our nation. I.e. we think [crime/vandalism/unemployement] is worse on a national level than a local one.

Earlier this year I read Gospel Allegiance by Matthew W Bates. It argues that the greek word we frequently translate as “Faith” might be best understood as Allegiance (even though Bates acknowledges that Pistis means faith/faithfulness/trust. This was a detail I missed in my first reading but caught when preparing the sketchnote.) The standout parts are where he breaks down Paul’s explanation of the Gospel in 1 Corinthians and explaining how works are necessary.

I really enjoyed making this one, mainly because I love any excuse to use a gold leaf layer in procreate.

Finished reading: Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes by Kenneth E. Bailey 📚very interesting cultural insights into core gospel passages (the nativity, the Lord’s Prayer, preaching in Nazareth).

I’m currently reviewing an article for work where we have lots of lists with categories that sometimes have two or more elements. Semicolons, your time has come!

Currently watching the afterparty season 2. I loved season 1, season 2 is solid but doesn’t feel as good as my biased memory of season 1. My wife and I signed up for Apple TV+ again to watch it. I like flicking between streaming services as there’s always something really great then.

I wonder how similar Trump and MAGA are to the “great awakening”s. Taking a very sceptical view of religion, I think it makes sense.

  • traveling speaker
  • big events
  • converts
  • changes in doctrin /theology
  • influencencing American culture.

The exceptional part seem to be that he’s a politician.

Over the weekend I got this £5 rip off Apple Watch band. I love it. Great colour, great feel, secure fit.

The rest is history series on Martin Luthor has been fantastic. Episode 4 brought up the issue of individual interpretation of the Bible. It’s something I’ve been reflecting on after Brad East’s article last year and taking a class on hermenutics.

A change to my morning routine

For the longest time I’ve put coffee on first thing in the morning; not anymore. We got coffee beans not grinds recently and — combined with the changing on the clocks that have made my kids finally not wake me up at 5 every. single. morning — I now have a little pause first thing. So I grab a glass of water, do a meditative prayer, and then read while hand grinding my coffee. The coffee is so much better than the store ground or when we used our blender to grind it.

I’m extremely grateful to regain this moment of silenced and stillness at the start of the day. I’ve been struggling with feeling so rushed but starting slowly is the perfect cure.

Made this for Easter.

The outline is a single line, I used a gold leaf clipping mask for the tomb and another grey layer for the stone.

One of the reasons I use yellow/ orange in my sketches is my interest in iconography.

A sketchnote summary of Henri Nouwen’s The Way of the Heart. I had forgotten I had made this after I read it but @mwerickson reminded me of it.

Ah the minimalism magazine that rallies against advertising…which now features adverts.

To twist a meme: You either quit a minimalist, or keep publishing long enough to sell ads.

New obsidian sync standard… I think they got me.

What’s the best way to clean a monitor (without damaging it?)

Asking for a “friend” whose monitor really needs a clean.

When you make friends with someone on micro blog you never know what will happen.