How to read more by Austin Kleon

So I’m now a Copyblogger Certified Content Marketer. That was a plesant surprise this morning.

Word of the week update “Plan” turned out to be a poorer choice. It didn’t really guide me in anyway and I didn’t have that much planning really. Still I guess it summed up the week. This week’s word is … Create I’ve got some interesting things to make and produce this week. Both at work and more outside. Looking forward to this week!

What I’ve seen of Android Q so far are the new foldable features (could be interesting for the future) and the permissions. The permissions part looks - familiar (oh hi iOS) - a good step forward - google still tracks all your location data

It’s been a really tough day but I’m heading home and today is over. Such a strange day full of communication issues. So many issue with my work (and home/church life) come back to poor communication.

No One Is Prepared for Hagfish Slime - The Atlantic 🔗 This is some phenomenal science writing.

I started getting some pain in my right wrist yesterday. My best guess was rsi issues. So for the last couple of days I’ve been doing as little as I can with that hand at a computer. It’s really made me appreciate - How much I love writing and typing. - How great it is to write with a pen - Dictation tools.

Two new sketchnoting books to check out (and another on the way!)

A Minor Modification in My Language Learning Vocabulary Recording

A small change I’m trying for learning a language (Polish) recording the exact context and context a new word or phrase emerges in. This is based on lexical approach principles. In the past I would either record the word in isolation with a “direct” translation or invent a phrase for it (so it had suitable collocations and was more memorable). Inventing these examples, however, could be troublesome. Often they weren’t very realistic. The solution is the situation they came up in. That would be a real situation and need to use that word. That’s why I’m trying this experiment. I’ll report back.

Oh boy! A new @rhonecast is out from @patrickrhone Check it!