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I didn’t really think Twitter was just going to collapse in a cloud of hubris…after the recent contractor layoffs, I unfortunately think I’m going to be proven wrong. On the plus side, I don’t really plan to replace Twitter. Yes, micro blog is similar in someways (and the fact that I’m writing a …

Kids have just recovered from a cough and runny nose (hurrah!). The kids now both have temperatures (oh no!). This is a real British monarch move. As soon as one illness is gone, the next is enthroned.

With Revue almost certainly shutting down I’m setting up a new email service for the sketchy idea newsletter. My current ideas for the subdomain are. letter(s).[] newsletter.[] email.[] Which do you like (or do you have another idea?)

I’m doing a quick live stream with a sketchnote tutorial for how to draw the world’s easiest banner. If you don’t watch live, you can watch the replay too. Hope too see you there.

The way Twitter is laying people off feels a bit black mirror. No direct message access cut who knows the decision process or reason why I can easily imagine some automatic firing system in the future. If your performance drops below certain metrics, you get warning messages then a severance …

Apparently, Revue is going to be shut down as part of Musk’s shake up. That a shame, I really liked using it for my sketchy ideas newsletter. I guess it’s time to reopen my Obsidian note on email newsletter services and find a suitable option.

If you enjoyed the micro camp talk that @chadgmoore and I did on sketchnoting, you might enjoy this upcoming workshop I running. It’s on using visuals to aid your thinking (and will look at using PKM tools too).

My daughter decided to buy me some socks. I’m particularly excited about the doughnut ones.

I just released my latest sketchy idea (newsletter) and I think I’m most proud of the pun at the beginning.

We’re about to go on a four hour drive across Poland (with a four hour return trip): what audiobook would you listen to? I’m trying to get ideas but really diverse ones not ones “for me”.

🎶 Blue In Green (Take 3) by Bill Evans Trio Just discovered this version thanks to the YouTube music algorithm.

Round two of guess the book

Let’s play guess the book.

Can’t have a problem with trolls when you’re run by a troll and encourage trolling… sorry, “free speech maximumism.”

Urgh! What a day. Chris, it’s 10am.

… the Google play store has fewer ads than the apple App Store…Google!

I resisted the iPadOS 16 betas because I wouldn’t get stage manager and I wanted to keep my iPad reliable…but now freefrom is out in beta and I’ve got to try it! Time to beta!

Currently reading: Political Gospel by Patrick Schreiner 📚

Today’s mood

Just curious, if you could get the SAME content but in. a PDF daily emails An obsidian vault that you download An online course platform like teachable (another method?) Which would you want most and why…also would it affect what you’d pay?

My 3 favourite pieces of tech hardware from 2022

The end of the year is in sight. And while there’s still time for me to purchase a new piece of tech, I think it’s safe for me to create this roundup list (especially with my current financial situation). I haven’t bought too many items this year, but these three stand out above …

I’m planning to do a massive update of my site LearnCreateShare next week I’d love your feedback and thoughts. Some things I’m considering The name /domain The navigation and experience Updating/correcting info (like the about page) Probably won’t change the theme though.

Speaking with Paul Mignard on Twitter and he mentioned dropping the USB-C port, going wireless and making a thinner iPad. That could be an amazing iPad Air (that would hook up to a smart speaker for a home device?). A great sketchnoting device.

Turned off continuity webcam for my iPhone. I was getting multiple pings a day saying it was connected when I wasn’t even using a camera app. I’ll manually switch it on if I need it.

I shared this sketchnote summary of the One Minute Manager on my blog yesterday but I thought I’d share it here as well. I love the idea of focusing on catching good actions not mistakes. This was a core idea when I taught English to young learners.