I discovered a Buddhist shrine in London yesterday. Had no idea this was here.

It’s funny how now there are some weeks, I use my iPad loads. Other weeks I don’t even touch it. I think this reflects on how different my weeks and activities can be (as well as how I’m spoiled for choice over devices).

A very annoying trend is articles written before something happens or is out. I completely understand why this happens (because SEO) but it’s annoying where you see a headline saying something new is out…but it’s not.

A really good skill to learn is when to kill of a project. Ideally you want to do it at its high point, that way you feel positive about it. but it’s hard to know where you are in a projects journey. - Maybe this is just a small dip, - maybe there will be a second wind, - maybe this idea was never any good I really admire people who can kill their projects before I tire of them.