Chris J Wilson

This week’s episode of connected really got me wondering about going iPad only. My new job would actually work okay using an iPad as my main device, although our app is still more advanced on Mac so it wouldn’t be perfect.

Regular iPad with usb-c… Nice upgrade but I’d still look at the air for the M1 chip (stage manager!) and the second gen pencil. I’m sure my daughter would like to get her hands on my 10.5 iPad Pro too!

Joining PomPom as a Marketing Executive

I've Joined PomPom as a Marketing Executive Back in 2013 I started a small podcast to promote our English School in Badajoz, Spain. We shared our thoughts on Spanish life and made some materials based on the topics we discussed. Our students loved it! The content was intimately relevant for them, …

The perfect time to change todo app

I’m starting a new job on Monday so this is perfect moment for me to consider changing task management systems. After all, I have a string of out of tasks for my old work that no longer matter. And this would be a great way to mark the end of my work there and a fresh start. Losing tasks in …

Episode 2 - 5 WWDC impressions

For my second micro cast, I thought I’d have a look at WWDC and the five things that caught my attention including that spoke to me as a sketchnoter. I’ve listed the topics below so turn away now if you don’t want any spoilers. Continity camera Messages Stage Manager Freeform M2 …

Starting is the first step

I’m starting a micro cast experiment to get more familiar with my new company’s app PomPom. It’s a podcast editor that’s native to the Apple platform so my role as a marketing executive will be to help make it more wide known and create relevant content on the Apple and …

The Royal Castle in Chęciny

I wonder if the studio display will gain the overhead camera feature of continuity camera. It might help explain why they gave it an ultra wide camera.

Feels like a very solid release. Lots of outstanding issues (external display support for the iPad) ticket and a few new enhancements especially for work from home. There are a few things (stage manager) that i want to see before I decide.

Freeform looks a lot like mural / Miro (but Apple only). Sounds nice, but I’m not sure who I would use this with as all the Mac users I know use zoom and their whiteboard/mural. (Disclosure, mural is a sponsor of the Polish sketchnote camp. I don’t think that has affected me but it might have I …

Continuity might be the most exciting part of Apple. FaceTime hand off is something I’ve wanted for a while but the camera desk view is incredible!

Stage manager looks like it was designed for the iPad not the Mac…just saying.

WWDC day has a totally different feel now I’m joining a company developing on the platform.

Orange juice and espresso.

Swięty Krzyż

We’re at an exhibition with a 3D film and I just remembered my friend who bought a 3D tv 10+ years ago. Funny how that technology failed to last.

I’m willing to bet a few microblogranauts will like this: Psalm Prayers — Instagram.

Miniature world in Sabat Krajno, Poland. (Yes, that’s the twin towers).

Bałtow dinosaur park.

What’s your top WWDC prediction? I’d like to see focus mode add blocking certain apps as well as their notifications.

Me getting into photography ten years ago: bird photography is boring. Me now: Bird photography is amazing!

Walks may be the greatest life hack ever. It’s amazing how going for a short walk block creative problems or cause a great idea to bubble up from your subconscious. And that’s not even mentioning their benefit for your heart and health as well as distressing. And yet during the business …

I’ve got back into listening to Apple tech podcasts in preparation for starting my new job. I’m so excited that I get to work in an space that is a real intersection of my interests.

I was using some cheap notebooks for a while but I think I want a nice leuchttrum again. Do you use an alternative?

it’s my last day at my old firm and I’m doing it iPad only. We traveled to my in-laws yesterday and then we’re going on holiday. I didn’t take my computer, just the iPad as what was the point for one day (I had also got by last year when I left my computer at home one day. So now I’m about to …