This is just a small surgery and yet it’s wrecked me emotionally. I don’t know how parents whose kids have more serious conditions do it.

A hike through ojców national park

Yesterday my team at work decided to do a more unusual team building than the typical go karting or axe throwing that happen in IT companies across krakow. Instead, we walked through a national park and had grilled trout, caught from the river.

It was a great, relaxing time.

In the evening, we went for a more traditional outing — contemporary Israeli cuisine — but the park was the real star.

The current chapter in my intro to hermeneutics books is just footnote after footnote for Vanhoozer’s “Is there a meaning in this text?” Almost makes me wonder why we were issued with that book! (I have that book too!) although the application exercises are very good.

Morning coffee.

I went to work with my colleagues in town today for the first time in 3 months (or more)…and my new phone was finally delivered. Sod’s law.

Went to krakow this morning. Came back with an obwarzanek.

Just cooked this amazing sweet potato and chickpea stew. Highly recommend.

What’s a book you want to read, but you just never seem to actually read?

Or is that just me?

Off to pickup my Nikon Z50 which has finally been repaired. Very happy to get this back.

Obsidian users…is there a way to automatically link a new note to your day note? I’ve taken to interstitial journaling and I wonder if I can automate this part.

I think I want a bumbag (no American’s, I will never use the name you call it!) …especially as i’m likely to have an ungodly 6.7" phone this year. Any one got a recommendation for a good one?

Currently reading: Handbook on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament by G. K. Beale 📚

I found a nice sounding stat for an article. So I decided to validate it and get the original source. Found a link but it doesn’t show that stat (nor any source), so I kept looking…but everything points back to this one LinkedIn post.

This kind of lazy research is so common in content marketing.

I’m clearly spending too much time reading/listening together to Americans. My wife just asked me to pack some pants and I thought of trousers first of all. Now excuse me while I go get my jumper and have a cup of tea while listening to God Save the Qu..King.

One of my favourite things about stage manager on the mac is that I see the wallpaper more than when I don’t use it. And these new wallpapers are gorgeous.

Today was a “I activated my Apple Watch workout detection while rocking my daughter to sleep” kind of day.

Just started a new note in Obsidian that has got me thinking. The note is on “references to other God’s in the Bible”.

I can already think of a handful (Baal, Mamon, Athena, etc,) but I’m sure there are others. I have some notes on Baal and Mamon already which should help.

In fact, I found an old note on the Isaiah apocalypse where unlike Urgit creation myths where Baal defeats the sea monster but then is defeated by death every winter, YHWH defeats the sea monster for good.

I think this is going to be very interesting.

I’ve loved Austin Mann’s iPhone camera reviews for the last few years.
Not because he shows off various new camera features, but because of the places he goes and how he looks at the world.
It seems he won’t be making one this year (I’ve never know him to be so late). That’s a shame.

The Sonoma wallpapers/screensavers are amazing! I wonder if @danalcantara is using the Scotland ones?

My favourite hacks to self-edit my writing.

  • Read the text out loud
  • Change the context of the text (i.e. google doc to WordPress editor. Or reader view on desktop).
  • Read backwards (great for finding typos. Takes forever though).
  • Use a speech to text program to read the text.
  • Search for some common misspellings (lead vs led. It’s vs its).

Do you have any tricks of your own?