A Long-Term Review of The Focus Course

“The Focus Course helped me create a manageable plan of action that worked with my work and lifestyle that I could easily implement.” - Me

I noticed the Focus Course had reopened today and my testimonial (the one above from being one of the initial beta testers) is still there. This made me reflect on the course and what has changed since then.

  • I’ve got married
  • I bought a home
  • I welcomed my daughter into the world
  • and I changed job

There’s more that’s occured of course, but these points — espeically the last point — really highlight The Focus Course’s legacy in my life. At the end of the Focus Course, I had set several core goals, I also chose a simple habit to impliment, the one which would lead to the biggest impact on my life. It was to “do a fitstar workout everyday” to help move toward my health goal. Now I go to the gym twice a week, have hit the weight goal I was aiming for (I have trouble with being underweight) and am much healthier than before.

In work, I left my job as a teacher this summer and became a content writer. It was a long term professional goal to write for a living but one that felt so distant. Still, I kept writing. This habit with sprint targets kept me moving and eventually someone noticed. I wouldn’t have followed this path were it not for the Focus Course.

Setbacks along the way

There have been setbacks along the way. I’ve had periods of distraction — I’ve recently noticed that I am distracted more by my phone than before — and some goals didn’t work out. I’ve tried things and changed my mind. I’ve had periods where I didn’t even check on my goals. But I can still access the Focus Course and have redone the course twice since I first took it.

I’m about to restart the course again and I’m sure it will be different this time. For instance, I have a daughter now and this is new. Certianly some of the task will end up differently.

You should do the Focus Course

The focus course isn’t cheap but it is one of the most life changing things I’ve done in my life. The method of learning is one that I’ve tired to use in learning courses I’ve set up and if you stick to it, it will make a difference.

You can sign up here.

I have no affiliate relationship with the focus course, this recommendation is just that. A heartfelt recommendation of something that will make a difference for you.

Honestly, I think Evernote might finally be turning things around. The templates feature is the first in a while which focuses on their core functionality, taking notes. I’m more hopeful about them now that I have been in a while.

October is almost over so I guess it’s time to look over my now page from last month and get ready to update it. Also I’d better get a couple of things ready for my challenges next month.

A Dark Consensus About Screens and Kids Begins to Emerge in Silicon Valley - The New York Time 🔗

A Dark Consensus About Screens and Kids Begins to Emerge in Silicon Valley - The New York Times via @leo

A wariness that has been slowly brewing is turning into a regionwide consensus: The benefits of screens as a learning tool are overblown, and the risks for addiction and stunting development seem high. The debate in Silicon Valley now is about how much exposure to phones is O.K.

Interesting article that touches on ideas you’ve probably heard a lot recently. I agree more with the “principled limited” screen usage. There’s an incredible depth of knowledge on the internet including things like YouTube (I don’t think there’s been a better time to learn a musical instrument and I’m brushing up my jazz guitar chops) but YouTube is designed to get you hooked and spend more time there, and often the brain dead stuff is the most addictive. We have to be careful.

Yesterday I critiqued productivity obsession and the constant drive to find that one tip that will finally solve your productivity pains…today I was watching David Sparks’s Omnifocus field guide and his section on Tags gave me some great ideas. Basically, doing the very thing I critiqued. Yup.

I thought I had finally found a cheap airport express to get my Airplay 2 on…but ebay had other ideas. :(