Just started a new note in Obsidian that has got me thinking. The note is on “references to other God’s in the Bible”.

    I can already think of a handful (Baal, Mamon, Athena, etc,) but I’m sure there are others. I have some notes on Baal and Mamon already which should help.

    In fact, I found an old note on the Isaiah apocalypse where unlike Urgit creation myths where Baal defeats the sea monster but then is defeated by death every winter, YHWH defeats the sea monster for good.

    I think this is going to be very interesting.

    I’ve loved Austin Mann’s iPhone camera reviews for the last few years.
    Not because he shows off various new camera features, but because of the places he goes and how he looks at the world.
    It seems he won’t be making one this year (I’ve never know him to be so late). That’s a shame.

    The Sonoma wallpapers/screensavers are amazing! I wonder if @danalcantara is using the Scotland ones?

    My favourite hacks to self-edit my writing.

    • Read the text out loud
    • Change the context of the text (i.e. google doc to WordPress editor. Or reader view on desktop).
    • Read backwards (great for finding typos. Takes forever though).
    • Use a speech to text program to read the text.
    • Search for some common misspellings (lead vs led. It’s vs its).

    Do you have any tricks of your own?

    I forgot what was coming in Sonoma. My top highlights

    • MOAR widgets
    • PDF autofill
    • better screen sharing

    Sometimes I think the people who advocate for writing “rules” like “never use a semi-colon” only advise it as they don’t know how to use a semi-colon.

    I am once again thinking about Pistis (John Barclay’s critique of Matthew Bates is the cause).

    New word of the week: vacillate - to waver between two options, opinions, actions.

    Not a new word for me, but one I never know how to spell.

    Great relaxing weekend hiking with friends and little to no internet.

    It’s amazing how people who start emails with URGENT start every email with urgent. It’s almost as if they view everything as urgent.

    Also, starting an email with “URGENT” can actually increase the likelihood I’ll ignore it.

    My feelings about a certain review.

    I dropped out of a course I was due to start last week. I’ve had zero mental capacity (especially for serious study and reading) since baby 3 joined us. I felt pretty bad but I knew it was the right thing to do. Cue today and they’re now offering a core course online starting in a month!

    I’m thinking of sharing an interesting word a week as a way to help expand my vocabulary. I’ve been over using this one recently. Ouroboric - a never-ending cycle.

    When did reminders get so good! I love the today view divided by times of the day. I often add admin task to evening to remind to do them after work.

    It’s happening again…

    A bit of a lettering experiment today and a reminder to myself.

    Humans working the hard jobs for minimum wage while the ai robots write poetry and create artwork is not the future I wanted.

    Great quote at the end of this piece on Future thinking by @chadgmoore

    I have a few work in progress articles as open MicroBlog windows. This is not the best idea as they don’t always restore/I can lose them etc. So I’m debating a publishing app again (espeically if it can publish to multiple places). The obvious answers are

    1. Drafts - it can do all the things and I have the actions in place already
    2. Obsidian - it’s where my thoughts are and I can link them to other ideas.
    3. iA Writer - This could be a dedicated place for longform output.

    I can make a good argument for each one but I’m trying to work out “Which will be easiest for me to use and will encourage me to use it the most?” My current guess is 3 as I already have 1 and 2 but don’t really use them (that’s a sign of something. Then again I could adapt my drafts workspace/add the obsidian plugins).

    After the amazing green of the iPhone 13, the iPhone 15’s colour options are a huge disappointment.

    Most of my favourite bloggers have very simple blogging and marketing setups they’ve basically stuck to for years (WordPress, chronological theme + email newsletter).

    I often think their sites are better because they are basic (no homepage that pushes you to buy something) and yet I get obsessed with all the different options rather than writing.

    [TBF, I’ve actually had a really good run of just focusing on writing and writing longer things recently. I’m pretty chuffed with that.]

    I have several notes in obsidian which are variations of

    • How to keep my kids entertained at various times
    • How to avoid screens at various times
    • And some which have both.

    These are all highly valuable notes.

    Procreate announcement is currently live. I think they’re introducing a new (replacement?) app. While I wouldn’t want to pay a subscription, I’d pay a subscription for procreate to keep it running.

    “The problem with a theocracy is everyone wants to be Theo” - James Dunn

    Me: I’m a minimalist and live simply so I don’t spend money on pointless things. Now, excuse me while I look at buying another pair of headphones.

    I hate how strange it feels when I can actually say “It’s not been busy at all.” It feels like I have to say things are busy, and normally it’s true.

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