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  • Reading Ruth after so many church abuse scandals is so refreshing. Be like Boaz.

  • Listening to Marco’s latest flip-flop (phone camera is enough and better than mirrorless 99% -> dedicated cameras can be better) on ATP initially made me feel very cynical (especially as John made such a good counter case in the past) but then I realised that we’re all irrational like this. We genuinely believe our opinions are informed and rational but sometimes we just haven’t tried the right tool.

    Other notes -> I suspect marco hasn’t played with the JPEG settings on the Ricoh GR as you can dial in some great looks; they’re not fuji like mind.

  • Happy Ted Lasso day for all who celebrate.

  • I wrote a 75 word long sentence for an academic essay (complete with semi colons) and I love it. Academic writing gets a bad press (especially by copywriters) but chopping it up into smaller parts wouldn’t have the same effect.

  • The Canonical approach seems naturally more critical than conservative and willing to engage in ideas such as transformation of original source documents. At the same time, conservative theologians still point to types though out the canon, would they just call this progressive revelation? pinging: @KyleEssary

  • My home note in obsidian wasn’t really working. I had far too many links as I’d kept adding to it. So last night I created a folder called “Archive” copied my old home note across and started a fresh. I think this will be far more useful.

  • I’m in the process of #RestoreTheSketchyIdeasNewsletter like restoring the synderverse, but less popular and with 10X less slow-mo. Update: you can read the whole archive now.

  • Apparently unpopular opinion: I still love my iPad and my MacBook air. Both work great for their purposes, I can use them together with sidecar and universal control. They are individually and collectively better than when I first got them.

  • Ted Lasso season 3 time!

  • I’m working on an update for my sketchnote layouts guide and I’m really excited about it! I’m adding some advice on how to pick a layout and combining different layouts (plus some new layouts and examples of each one). Is there anything you’d like to see?

  • 🎥 How Minimalism Got Toxic: The Dark Side - Internet Impact - YouTube

    A great video about the issues around minimalism. It’s funny how I remember people discussing many of these issues back in the early 2010s. I actually think it would be fun to see a “world’s worst minimalist” and highlight the values of seeking enough rather than less. Messy house, not chasing the usual goals, having fun. (Although, if I were really doing the second, I probably wouldn’t share it on social media.)

    We really have to appreciate the irony’s in life like the people who say we must live our lives for ourselves…but end up being lead by the comments and algorithims.

    A critique - they critique the minimalists for how much they make each month from their patreons but that ignores the costs of their operation. This may still be a fair critique but they need to actually crunch the numbers for that.

  • Sometimes I just love the irony that “think outside the box” has become a cliche.

  • Happy Monday morning. I took a proper sabbath yesterday and feel great! 10/10 would recommend.

  • Blue in Green gets better every time I listen to it.

  • It was 17c yesterday…it’s snowing today. And it’s spring?

  • Micro:blog idea: I’d love a way to filter my timeline to just see links to longer articles.

  • I’m working on cleaning up my pages a bit. First task was the tools page where I’ve removed some old items, added some new ones and fixed some links. I still need to update my pens and apps though!

  • I spent most of the evening looking for my Apple Pencil. It seems it’s really gone. My top theory is my son put it in the bin (as he’s been doing recently) and we didn’t notice. I’m still holding out some hope to find it though.

  • Started reading: The Dispossessed by Ursula K. Le Guin 📚

  • I can predict someone’s views on Twitter with about 85% accuracy based on whether they have a blue checkmark next to their name. It goes up if it’s not a legacy one.

  • An increasingly useful rule of thumb I’ve found:

    The side with nuance is probably the right side.

    Every time I find someone lay down an absolute rule (no ifs or buts) it usually means they haven’t thought it through.

    Ironically, this is an absolutely statement so my rules says it’s wrong :P

  • This is me.

  • If you’d like to make sketchnotes but have never given it a go, I’d love to know what holds you back. (Or what held you back before you started).

    For me:

    • I hated my drawings
    • I had no idea how to make things fit in the limited space.
    • Freeform doc on Mac “What on earth is this mess of half images”.
    • Same freeform doc on iPad “Oh hello useful collaboration document with pictures, drawings, links and more.”
  • Clint Eastwood by Gorillaz was made with a drum synth preset

    I remember hearing that the drums on Umbrella by Rhianna are a default garageband set. Great examples of take advantage of creative help.