Made it to Essen. Found curry. Everything is okay.

The complaints about stage manager make me think that “let the iPad be an iPad” is the right mentality. And that doesn’t mean no external display support or three/four apps on screen at once, but something designed for the iPad — like cursor support. Imagine macOS on the iPad :S

At the end of the next month, I’ll be out of work. Yeah, Pompom is ceasing operations. The app will continue on in the app store, but there won’t be a company with full time employees working on it. So if you know anyone looking for a junior macOS/iOS developer a marketing person who …

I bet the font on their kit is exceptional. 🔗 Montserrat: Caribbean island’s football team rising amid recovery from disaster - BBC Sport

Current status: moment of popping head above water between shivering and leg pains. I need to take one of our remaining covid tests but I feel terrible. Have fun for me!

How I currently feel after trying to make a “simple” solution that “shouldn’t take too long.”

Just arrived in goleneia (the airport closest to Szczecin) for this year’s international Sketchnote Camp. Real rollercoaster of a landing!

My first post iPhone event working for a company making an Apple app and I get it now. We now know how much time we have left to finalise our iOS 16 release. Sure we can, and will, continue to role out features later but if we want to get featured on release day, we have to make a splash. On a …

Made myself a little reminder of this classic quote from @patrickrhone “Saying No Is Actually Saying Yes To Other Things”

The compatibility of USB C needs a giant “terms and conditions apply” sticker. It’s so tricky to find cables and know they will work with another device.

This week I learned how to make fake latte art because I came up with a terrible Pun about my company’s name. So for your pleasure, here’s the Pompom spiced latte (I actually have some pumpkin spiced syrup and we were going to make this for real as the founder can do latte art. But …

Welcome to autumn and the return of one of my favourite words “Autumnal.” It just feels like a warm blanket and cup of hot chocolate.

Looking at the rumoured iPhone 14 colour line up. I always have this feeling that I want to get something more unusual…but I know I’ll play it safe with black in the end. But I think I could persuade myself to choose green. P.s. I’d love an orange option.

This morning my daughter announced that her room is now the Teddy Bear’s Restaurant (I resisted checking if it was a restaurant run for Teddy’s or where one can eat Teddy’s). My teacher instinct kicked in and now I’ve started planning a project based learning syllabus where …

I was today years old when I learned that Parmesan has no lactose in it. A member of the family is very happy with this news.

I opened my wife’s Mac to update some software and no apps opened. It was so refreshing compared to mine where five apps need to open and stop you from doing anything. Maybe I could turn some off?

Back in Poland after a great time in the UK. I wanted to share some photos but I left my Ricoh GR there (and I didn’t download any while I was there). Whoops

Frustrating mac app marketing stuff. You can’t redeem an app offer code on the mac, just iOS. So we want to offer our mac users a special back to school promo through a link, but we can’t. We have to add a promo in our app and a special URL for that! You can’t do Apple App store …

Welcome to the low-cal calzone zone.

Do you find it easier to avoid distractions, or focus on one thing? I recently came across the idea that avoiding mistakes can be easier than pursuing great results. In contrast I’ve long known that sometimes a pull factor (a desire) is better to focus on than a push factor (something to avoid). I …

We just dropped a big update at pompom including adding iMessage for business to offer support. I haven’t seen any other companies offering this but I hope it will be an easy way to give quick support.

Crazy belief but I think people who commit crimes should be prosecuted for those crimes. And law professionals should be able to investigate those crimes regardless of who may or may not have committed them, and they shouldn’t be pressured into investigating people due to their political …

I’m making some stickers to take with me to the international sketchnote camp (shhh it’s a secret). One idea I had was Sketch, Notes and Rock & Roll. But I’m not sure the sex drugs and rock and roll reference would carry. I’m wondering what else I could make 🤔

I’m struggling to find any Apple blogs that still review apps. It seems they all just review accessories now. I doubt this is just the removal of the app store affiliate cut but that’s surely a factor in it. It almost makes me want to start an Apple App reviewing blog.

There’s been a lot of PKM critiques recently but today @chadgmoore pointed out this new disclaimer in Maggie Appleton’s visual notes on Building a Second Brain and I think it’s fantastic. It’s sure to get you thinking.