• Currently reading: Bearing God’s Name by Carmen Joy Imes 📚 Currently at the third chapter and enjoying it a lot. Dr. Imes is a very witty writer and has some great insights.

  • Photographers: What camera bag/sling do you use? I’ve had a kind of bumbag (deal with it Americans) one for years and basically been unhappy the whole time (It is always falling down unless I use it as a sling which isn’t not really designed for). I’m wondering about something like the peak sling but happy to learn other options.

  • I recently discovered that Gen Z do not do gif reactions. If only there were some way I could express my emotional reaction to this news, preferably with a pop culture reference.

  • My wife is cooking waffles for the kids after pre-school and they smell AMAZING.

  • Finished reading: Digital Liturgies by Samuel James 📚 good, probably even very good but not as good as the hype. I want to reread some sections.

  • Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God. — Matt 5:9 (ESV)

  • It’s really bizarre how Biden has turned to the same strongman “only I can…” rhetoric that Trump always employs.

  • Do my eyes deceive me! Are England actually, pressing? And attacking well?!? The rest defense is working really well too.

  • Christians of mb. Favourite books on prayer?

  • British Grand Prix and England football later. It’s a good day for sports!

  • Goal: Read older books instead of sensational social media nonsense.

    You’re okay Micro Blog.

  • My family went to a local Alpaca park this weekend. How was your weekend?

    Sidenote: I really love using a mirrorless camera even if i missed a few images due to manual focusing — it’s an old lens.

  • I missed most of the England game last night as I was tidying up my Son’s diarrhea so I feel like I had the same experience.

  • “What values do you want to demonstrate today?” This little prompt has got in my head. I have a list of a few but I’m thinking about Love. “What would it look like if I embodied love? How can I be more loving to my family? What would a loving person do now? How can I be loving to myself too?”

  • I wonder how much unsplash usage has decreased since so image generators came around… side note: unsplash images are better.

  • I turn around for five minutes and my daughter has made a fort in the middle of the living room. This is me every day.

  • Was that the best Grand Prix in years? I haven’t been following much recently but that was great.

  • It’s a wet day so we’re making one page zines.

  • Brad East has written a critique of Practicing The Way by John Mark Comer and as with all things Brad East, it’s a thought-provoking critique with plenty of appropriate praise. Pinging @KyleEssary in case he hasn’t read it.

  • In more film news, there’s a new Rollei 35 AF coming! And Japanese Camera Hunter has the only working prototype.