Goldeneye is now on the Switch. The first thing I did was message my friends from childhood to confirm that we’d play a game when I’m next back in the UK. Slaps only.

In other news, it seams Evernote added backlinks earlier in the month..

I’m sure there’s a smarter way to do this but I got a non OCRd PDF from my course director and I put it in Evernote so I could OCR it. I’d love to do something locally on my mac and then move it to reader by Readwise. It seams some OCR software might be a wise investment.

Seams the cable connecting the LCD screen on my camera is starting to break. I really haven’t used it that much, I’m very surprised it’s going so quick. (little devil on should: “Psst, you should totally buy a new camera even though it still works”)

I’m looking out the windows and It’s started snowing again here in Poland. The slowly falling flakes in the sky still spark wonder in me, probably due to my childhood in south London where the most snow we got was a kin to the dusting of icing sugar you might get on a cake. Although I …

Turns out Christopher Wright is another great Wright theologian. I think I prefer his writing style too.

Playing around with a new logo idea for sketchy ideas.

If you like drawing (even just occasionally) and have an iPad, consider buying Linea from Iconfactory. With Twitterific going away they could use some support.

I don’t think I’d really appreciated how important YHWH’s liberation of the Israelites is for their worldview. So much of their ethics starts with “I rescued you from slavery so…”. The God of the Torah is a slave freer.

I like my Nikon, but I miss my Fuji.

We finished Only Murders in The Building season 1 last night. Lots of fun and I’m sure we’ll start season 2 soon.

Listening to the after show of this weeks ATP and I’d love to see podcasters share a history of their setups along with what shows were recorded on those setups. It would be interest to show the difference/lack there of their gear made. (Bad how little you need to get started).

I’m currently experiencing the baader meinhof effect for Appreciative inquiry: it just seems to be coming up everywhere! Anyone on Microblog familiar? I’d love to know more about it.

Finished reading: The Life We’re Looking For by Andy Crouch 📚

About to try refilling a neuland marker for the first time…Wish me luck!

If anyone else has a word for the year / theme of the year and wants a hand-drawn phone wallpaper for it, let me know and I’ll make one.

Now witness the firepower of this fully ARMED and OPERATIONAL standing desk!

Glass Onion was very good fun.

15 years of service. Thank you, boots.

Thanks, Santa.

Most web3/NFT enthusiasts I know seem very against mastodon and federated social networks. That seems odd to me (but maybe there’s more nuance in their views than first glances).

Gratitude is riches. Complaint is poverty. - Doris Day

Anyone doing a yearly theme? Tell me what it is and I’ll make a phone wallpaper for it.

So the rumours were true. Revue is shutting down on Jan 18, 2023. Very disappointing but luckily there are options like substack ConvertKit and Ghost. The sketchy ideas newsletter will move to one of these services soon.

Currently reading: The Life We’re Looking For by Andy Crouch 📚