November 2018 Now and Then Update

Posted on Nov 2, 2018

Last month I tried updating my Now page at the start of the month and writing a description of what had occurred, and what is coming up. It’s kind of a “monthly review” for me.

So here’s my November 2018 Now and Then Update


Goals My goals for last month were a mixed bag Spend time with my daughter - I caught up with the copyblogger course I’m doing and now just need to submit some work. - I did nothing for “the ninja project” and it’s probably on the back burner unfortunately. - I read very little more of On Writing Well but I did read some. I’m hoping to slowly continue this month - I did try a couple of calligraphy styles, but the main thing I did was investigate the Pentel brush pen by doing Inktober only using that pen. It was a really fun challenge to try an unusual and different pen. I kind of want to do something similar with a different pen next month and see what comes up. - My writing portfolio still needs a bit of an update but it’s coming along well - I did nothing for NaNoWriMo but I’m going to start free writing everyday, it may lead to a book, or not. Hopefully it will stick beyond just November. - I didn’t plan to, but I ended up completing Inktober and I’m going to put a post with every image. - I spent far too much time considering what new phone I should get. I had placed some limits and requirements to stop me upgrading sooner and they were now all met. However, I didn’t want to blindly follow my gut but really check and make sure I was making a good choice that reflecting a suitable use of money. At times like this I like to review why I don’t use certain products and consider what it would be like to switch system as well as the pain points. In this case I really considered getting an Android phone. There are certainly some advantages but I’ve happily decided against doing so, I placed one last restriction on myself to give myself time to make sure I was happy with my final decision and so in a week or so, I should upgrade.

Key Events - My parents visited and met their Granddaughter - My in-laws visited again and we prepared some great food. - We went to a wedding in Lublin - I had a major project at work that was a great challenge, but quite stressful.

Unexpected delights - Starting reading Atomic Habits by James Clear - Getting back in to exercising after some illness - David Sparks Omnifocus field guide provided some really interesting ideas. - I’ve really got back into Jazz music again.


Last time I talked about goals, this month (inspired by James Clear) I want to focus on habits instead. - Daily writing first thing (instead of browsing and searching the internet) - Playing some Jazz guitar at the weekend - Personalizing a couple more Siri Shortcuts so they are more useful - Going through a couple of courses I signed up for in the past…and did nothing with! - I’m looking for a better way to manage quotes.

Upcoming events - My wife’s birthday - Some national holidays (1st November and 11th)