Chris J Wilson

The farm two weeks ago. (Finally downloaded some Ricoh gr shots)

Over the weekend I final ordered a new microphone. It should arrive in a couple of days and I have some plans for how to put it to use!

So Automattic are buying DayOne Automattic seem to be good stewards of acquisitions so I can’t think of many better companies to buy them.

🔗Art Markers for Procreate - Unique Procreate Brushes ~ Creative Market This weeks freebie from creative market. I need to give these a go but they look fun!

It’s amazing how many computer issues can be solved by being able to isolate a problem, turn the right things on & off, and eliminate something from the equation.

Christians who use note taking apps like Obsidian, Craft et al. This is the newsletter you’ve been looking for. (I’m starting a newsletter sharing lessons and ideas from the community. I hope you’ll join and share).

Finally back home after a great break in Gdańsk.

I’m thinking of starting a new newsletter. I’m reviewing my options for how to deliver it and I’d love your insights. As a sender/recipient of a newsletter. What platform has been your favourite? Substack Ghost Revue ConvertKit sendfox (I use this for learn create share)

To hel and back

Westerplatte yesterday

Satisfied with my setup

“Oh! The WWDC keynote has started?!? How did that skip me by?” I can’t remember the last time I didn’t watch a wwdc keynote. The annual tradition of waiting for the -papal- corporate decrees of this year’s bug fixes and new features across Apple’s product lines had become a mini ritual for me. But …

Good morning from our holiday in Gdańsk.

It’s truly amazing how often billionaires send me emails and I’m shocked at their poor spelling and the fact that my spam filter always blocks them! I must have missed out on $1 trillion by now.

A World Without Email by Cal Newport is only £0.99 in the UK today. Yes, I bought it.

This week’s Learn Create Share newsletter is winging its way to everyone who is subscribed. Really pleased with this one especially the creative challenge.

Sometimes I think that enterprise is “move slow and break things”.

I’ve just prepared a new creative challenge from my newsletter. It’s a good one! Sign up now to make sure you get it on Saturday. Or take a peek at the past editions.

Do a rep

I’ve been skipping my reps. No, not weightlifting or machines at the gym, hand lettering and calligraphy. A couple of years back I discovered calligraphy was a fantastic way to deal with the stress and overthinking I was struggling with. The intense focus it required help me block out the …

Google: Don’t be evil Also Google: no, sorry. You can’t quit chrome like every other app. You have to HOLD those keys down. Why? Well it’s certainly not because we want you to accidental keep chrome running in the background.

I think I’ve finally got to grips with making American pancakes.

A bit of hand lettering to relax this evening. Haven’t tried this in ages. Time lapse on Instagram.

Someone in krakow is selling a gr iii. It’s a good thing I don’t have the cash at hand for this. But maybe. Nah. Then again…

I’ve fallen in love with reading children’s stories to my daughter. For a while she refused to let daddy read to her (only mummy) but now I might be her favourite. We got a set of Dr Seus stories from an American school that was closing down and now I can almost read Fox in Socks without …

🔗 Eric Carle Very Hungry Caterpillar author dies aged 91 - BBC News

🔗 Eric Carle: Very Hungry Caterpillar author dies aged 91 - BBC News In 2019, he told the BBC why he thought the story endured for five decades. “For many years, my publisher and editor and I did not know the reason for The Very Hungry Caterpillar being so popular,” he said. “But …

Really excited to have a scholarship for the LYT workshop. Really excited to upgrade my PKM approach and perhaps learn some obsidian tricks too.