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Amazon sells junk.

More junk every day. And they know this…

The bad news is that by offloading product review from middlemen (publishers, buyers, Good Housekeeping, The Wirecutter, etc.) to the customers themselves, you transform the filtering process, wasting time, money and goodwill. It’s entirely possible that customers don’t actually want to volunteer to test the things they buy, regardless of how straightforward the return policy might be. The uncertainty that comes with not knowing if it’s what you hoped for adds cost and tension for everyone.

It’s incredible how on the ball Seth often is. I found this minor point, the middle men of reviewers, to be very interesting. After all, I know people who run blogs and YouTube channels which are just that (and more who will try a high number of products in search of the one camera to rule them all (and in the darkroom, bind them)).

I guess we’re all product reviewers now.

I feel a bit like I’m in Narnia this morning. Very fine snowfall on the way to the train (first photo is edited, second is straight out of camera).

An Amazing Transformation

It’s truly amazing the transformation my daughter’s face can through on any given day. At one moment, last as long as a whole day even, her face may positively glow with joy. And yet equally possible, and for an equal length of time, her face may be contorted into a completely unidentifiable object. This object has a sole purpose, to generate high volumes of noise, a task it is well suited to.

This transformation is so extensive that I sometimes find myself shocked and confused at the return of the joyful expression. As though I suddenly have a new daughter with a different personality.

This Hydian transformation doesn’t occur as in the classic story by consuming a magical potion, but instead usually occurs from the lack of a rather more common liquid. Yes, milk and hunger are the frequent but not exclusive triggers of transformation that lead to my identification issues with my daughter.

Regardless of my daughter’s personality, Jekyll or Hyde, I love both (though certainly prefer Jekyll’s company).

Is it possible to automate micro.blog favouriting? For example, save a favourite to Evernote/Instapaper/other.

On the way to the train this morning and practicing editing photo curves. Think I’m getting better at this.

In praise of Garageband - Austin Kleon 🔗

In praise of Garageband - Austin Kleon

Garageband turned 15 yesterday. It was introduced at Macworld by Steve Jobs in January 2004. It’s so accessible and ubiquitous now, it’s easy to take for granted just how amazing a piece of software it really is.

I recently read an article critiquing Apple’s current price. One of the central causes of frustration for the author was the presence of GarageBand for free. He claimed it was used as a justification for the price of Apple hardware and no one used it anyway. He used it once and the song he made sucked so it sucks.

I love the surprise that a writer could have to the fact that he tried something once and wasn’t good at it. You’d think a writer should know that any creative craft requires persistence.

Anyway, I actually find myself somewhere between Austin and the unnamed tech writers article. I’ve used GarageBand for many projects over time, podcasts mainly. I’ve also been frustrated at that great idea for a song taking me five hours to work on and still not being any good at the end. I’m grateful GarageBand is in the Mac and iOS and long may that continue.