How I Quit Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Amazon - Motherboard 🔗

How I Quit Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Amazon - Motherboard

By now, it’s common knowledge that Google, Facebook, and Amazon are harvesting as much of our personal data as they can get their hands on to feed us targeted ads, train artificial intelligence, and sell us things before we know we need them…

With the exception of Microsoft and Apple, these fortunes were not built by selling wildly popular products, but by collecting massive amounts of user data in order to more effectively sell us stuff. At the same time, this data has also been abused to swing elections and abet state surveillance. For most of us, giving away our data was seen as the price of convenience—Google and Facebook are “free” to use, after all.

I found flying stressful. Today we’re flying with my four month old daughter 😣. I’m focusing on the destination not the process.

I got some Lamy ink to fill my cross pen, this was a gift when I was 25 or something like that but I’ve barely used it. Now it’s at work that might change. D8EFED9C-8074-43FB-9D60-AD1336D75517.jpg

One of My usual camera testing spot but this time with a very different view. 16A66304-9A1B-4E9D-8E80-65E6BDD5BAB0.jpg

Making 95% of the perceived effort

When I first moved abroad I thought that when I returned to visit the UK, I’d simply state that I would be somewhere or available for an period of time and people would come to see me.

From my perspective, I was travelling several thousand miles so why shouldn’t other people travel a couple of miles to see me?

But after a couple of return visits I realised I was wrong. I looked at the distance but really I was interrupting their lives. I was placing demands on their attendance by my return. If I wanted to see friends, I needed to make 95% of the effort instead of the perceived 50% I saw.

So as I prepare to return to the uk for Christmas, I’m aware that I’ll need to go to see everyone, even after travelling thousands of miles first.

I’m really enjoying these weekly link things that some people are doing on MB. It’s great for discovering something interesting and I almost always check them unlike email newsletters which are full of links. Maybe it feels less obligatory to click through or it’s the mindset I’m in 🤷‍♂️

David Sparks’s Omnifocus Field Guide is very good. Especially the custom perspectives, I love some of the ideas he offers here.