Do by Friday takes on GTD - Early Beta 🎧

This episode was a truly great one and while humors, it’s a great overview of some key (and useful) GTD principles. I’ve just scheduled a weekly review for the end of the work day AND I’m planning a mind dump as well.

Cognitive Dissonance for Marketing 🔗

Cognitive Dissonance > It has also been observed that if a person finds themselves engaging in activities which are in opposition to what they believe, they will be more willing to change their belief or adopt new beliefs to suit the situation, rather than change their actions.

I’m researching for an article and this statement really struck me. People will change their beliefs to match their actions more than change their actions.

Reading Aloud - Austin Kleon 🔗

Reading aloud >I find that reading my work aloud makes it weird enough that I can’t scan or gloss over anything. > Reading to an audience is best, because you start really judging the thing when you have to project it into a room full of people. Quentin Tarantino says he likes to read his scripts to his friends, not for their feedback, but their presence. “I don’t want input, I don’t want you to tell me if I’m doing anything wrong, heavens forbid,” he says, “But I write a scene, and I think I’ve heard it as much as I can, but then when I read it to you … I hear it through your ears, and it lets me know I’m on the right track.”

I use this trick with proofreading texts. Sometimes I have to look at the same thing that’s been sent back and forth about five times, often with a minor change introduced that is easily missed. Reading aloud is one of the only ways to keep my eyes fresh.

Me: Well I don’t think these iPhone speak to me.

Me five minutes later: That’s it! I’m definitely getting the iPhone Xs

Me another five minutes later: Hum, maybe the iPhone Xr is a real bargain…


Hoping to Be Delighted by Apple

Well it’s Apple iPhone event day and I feel conflicted.

I’m really ready for a phone upgrade, I want to pass my current phone on to my wife1 so we can share Live Photos of my daughter, plus then she won’t have a terrible battery life. But I feel a bit nervous. I’m worried Apple won’t give me a reason to upgrade today.

It’s a funny fear to have, that someone won’t make you want to give them money. No doubt I’ll change my mind as they could probably just release a phone with a new processor and I’d want to upgrade but at the same time I’m really not sure where they go next with smartphones.

Personally, I’m intrigued by the idea of a foldable phone and I suspect something like a Samsung note that can unfold into a small square tablet with stylus could be very interesting. But that doesn’t seem on the horizon for Apple. Then again it is not unlike Apple to quietly work away at something for a while and then suddenly release it upon the world.

Regardless, I’ll be watching the keynote (or more likely checking the summary afterwards) and hoping that there will be a surprise or two that I don’t see coming. Apple are often good at delivering those sweet hardware and software features that delight and perhaps the iPhone Xs will see some new delight.

  1. For the record, I’d buy her a new phone but she is very resistant to spending money on herself. [return]

Finished my last notebook last night and starting a new one today. Trying a different (cheaper) brand but designed for sketching. Let’s see.

So I just set up Microsub on my microblog using aperture and downloaded indigenous on my iPhone. Time to take this baby for a spin.