• Camera decision fatigue

    I’ve got a few camera options iPhone Ricoh GR (10+ year point and shoot) Olympus Mju ii (pocket film camera) Hassleblad 500c Nikon z50 The recent bout of new film cameras has given me a desire to hit the streets with my Olympus again, but I suspect I’ll end up just taking my iPhone for … read more

  • A 10 minute play with the new iPads

    On Monday, I popped into a local tech shop to try the new iPad Pro and iPad Air. I wanted to see what the new pencil was like and how the Air’s screen held up. Why? Well, I’d love to replace my current iPad with its multi-year-old white spot on the screen and Apple Pencil 2. At the same … read more

  • When saving time costs you more

    I used my iPad heavily when I was teaching but there was one thing that always brought me back to a PC: logging reports and data in the terrible student management system. That was despite the promises of “a mobile friendly version so you can take registration anywhere”. They promised us … read more

  • Why is “comments next to tasks” such a crazy idea?

    So, a certain high up at a company that may or may not be mine has decided that Slack threads aren’t good. Apparently, we (read, the high up) lose track of updates and don’t know what they are about. Related, we…I mean some company… have stopped using campaign specific channels and now have area … read more

  • I’m not looking to change my iPad, but…

    The iPad event is today. I’m interested to see what apple brings. Mine is six years old and apart from a pixel burn in the screen, it’s great. Okay, it lags a bit more than it used to and the battery life is no where near what it once was, but it still does all I need. That said, I am really … read more

  • The power of knowing what you want

    A few years back I read a terrible self-help book. It was one I’d never buy for myself which is probably why I didn’t like it much. BUT, it did have one useful idea. Know exactly what you want and don’t water it down. It’s been on my mind recently because I’ve been … read more

  • A change to my morning routine

    For the longest time I’ve put coffee on first thing in the morning; not anymore. We got coffee beans not grinds recently and — combined with the changing on the clocks that have made my kids finally not wake me up at 5 every. single. morning — I now have a little pause first thing. So I grab a glass … read more

  • A new, partially recycled iPhone case

    When I got my new iPhone last year I picked up a dirt cheap case of Amazon for some basic protection. It was fine, but not attractive and I didn’t realise how much it reduced Magsafe. Well, last week I replaced it with an Otterbox core (using an Amazon voucher I got from work). It’s … read more

  • Unsolicited iPad Positioning Advice

    I’m interested in getting a new iPad (eventually) and I’ve heard a few interesting rumours about the next iPad updates (But I’m not following religiously). But, here’s my take on where the product lines should go. These are not what I expect Apple will do, but I what I … read more

  • ...What if I didn't use an iPad?

    I love my iPad pro. It’s probably my favourite Apple device (although my m1 Macbook Air and iPhone are great too). But, do I have to stick with it? For years, the iPad was the only choice of tablet. Sure, Microsoft had some more powerful tablet-shaped laptops, but that’s what they were. … read more

  • The History of Evernote in Screenshots - by Jon Tromans

    The History of Evernote in Screenshots - by Jon Tromans Well, this is worse than I remember. read more

  • [spoilers?] Thoughts on the Dr Who specials

    I really enjoyed the Dr Who specials, but also didn’t really like some of the decisions like the reason for his old face and the bi-generation (which apparently was always a myth but isn’t explained at all. Shouldn’t he turn into two new people? Otherwise wouldn’t it be myxosis and he should be two … read more

  • Essay on OT references in Matt 4 - Jesus temptation - Book four of the Psalter

    I had checked the context of Psalm 91:11 for the Psalm, but not the whole Psalter. Psalms stand alone, right? Wrong, past-Chris. You know better than that. Psalm 91 is early in the fourth book, just after a Psalm of Moses for forgiveness for the golden calf (during the exile), the whole book has a … read more

  • The action button isn't a great camera shutter button

    I started using the action button for the camera, but this is not the best choice. It’s fine for opening the camera (I quite like that), but as a shutter it doesn’t work (for me). I find I put my finger too close to the lens and so it can sneak into photos, especially when used one … read more

  • A hike through ojców national park

    Yesterday my team at work decided to do a more unusual team building than the typical go karting or axe throwing that happen in IT companies across krakow. Instead, we walked through a national park and had grilled trout, caught from the river. It was a great, relaxing time. In the evening, we went … read more

  • Turning my iPad into a focused creation device

    This quarter, I’m focusing on writing. I’ve had a writing habit for a long time, but since I became a professional copywriter, it’s been harder to write the type of content I want to. So, I’m focusing on my writing habit. The only problem: distractions! There are so many of … read more

  • What's in my dad bag?

    Whenever I’m with my kids, I have my “Dad bag” with me. Its content varies slightly depending on which of my three kids is with me, but here’s the basics of it. Nappies Suncream Wet wipes Muslin rags Sandwiches Bottles of water Anti-mosquito spray Fruit Mousse for the kids A … read more

  • Play the ball, not the man.

    This is one of my core values. It’s a phrase taken from Football [^1] and means “debate the idea, not the person.” On one level, this is a reminder not to fall down to ad hominem attacks, but it goes beyond that too. When we look at bad behaviour, we should consider the system that … read more

  • Internet points

    The internet is a game. If you play it well, you get “internet points.” Most of the time they are pointless, but if you collect enough of them, you can become “internet famous” and even earn some income because of them. For the most part, internet points just give us a sense … read more

  • The best way I've found to overcome my parenting rage

    My kids know my dark secret. I have an alternative, evil personality. His name is “Grumpy daddy.” I don’t turn green and suddenly rip my clothes when he emerges, but the personality shift isn’t that different. Instead of the peaceful and fun-loving father they expect, they … read more