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  • A journaling prompt I'm trying to turn gratitude into generosity

    Writing what you’re grateful for is a common journaling activity and for good reason. Practicing gratitude is one of the most effective ways to increase your happiness. If you aren’t doing it, I highly recommend you start. But it’s easy to stop there. To feel better about ourselves … read more

  • A journaling experiment I'm trying to help improve my patience

    I’ve been less patience recently. It’s been a growing issue since my daughter learned the word “why” and now her brother is “stealing attention” from her, at least from her perspective. Blaming my situation is the easy and half-true option. While I certain have … read more

  • On boring blogs not brand sites.

    Today I came across a writer with a boring site. He has a single profile picture at the top along with links to navigate to his various writings and podcastings. It was wonderful. I was soon on a wikipedia-like spelunking trip through his various article. His site feels like such a breath of fresh … read more

  • 3 Quick Journaling Prompts That I Keep Coming Back To

    I am not a consistent journaler. Over the last 8 years, I’ve tried lots of different system with varying degrees of success, but every time I keep the habit going, I gain a lot from it. In my experiments, I’ve found three prompts which have helped me more than any others. So I thought … read more

  • Random thoughts on the person who keeps plugging themself.

    UPDATE: I’ve realised that even these thoughts aren’t completely correct. I’ve noticed exceptions to my main issue. My new working theory is that I just wished we were all a little self obsessed, and when someone is less obvious with it, it make me realise the issue in myself. … read more

  • 🔗 I disconnected from the electric grid for 8 months—in Manhattan | Ars Technica

    I disconnected from the electric grid for 8 months—in Manhattan | Ars Technica On May 22, 2022, I began an experiment. I unplugged everything in my apartment, with the goal of drawing zero power from the electric grid for one month. I had no idea how I would make it past a few days. Nevertheless, … read more

  • Revisiting minimalism

    I’ve been thinking about minimalism again. My main prompt is reading “The Life We’re Looking For” by Andy Crouch. He lays out how “devices” can take as well as give and advocates for technology that makes us more engaged with our whole being rather than passive. As is common, I’ve started to see … read more

  • Appreciating the inbetween week

    I’ve got the week off work (but my daughter is still going to pre-school) so I’ve drawn up a list of things to do that I would normally struggle to do due to lack of time or her presence! There’s a lot of big topic conversations with my wife plus making sure I’m fully present … read more

  • Turning down an upgrade

    I had to renew my phone contract and had a chance to upgrade my four year old phone. In the end I decided against it. The offer sounded good but I wouldn’t have wanted to upgrade this year anyway so it was just spending money I didn’t want to spend. As I reached the conclusion that I should … read more

  • My 3 favourite pieces of tech hardware from 2022

    The end of the year is in sight. And while there’s still time for me to purchase a new piece of tech, I think it’s safe for me to create this roundup list (especially with my current financial situation). I haven’t bought too many items this year, but these three stand out above … read more

  • I wouldn't have believed a random project 6 years ago would turn into this.

    6 years ago I started making some simple videos for students of English as a foreign language because it was a more valuable “proof of work” as a freelance teacher than the alternatives. Today, I’m using those skills (and more I’ve learned since) for the onboarding videos … read more

  • A return to stock apps?

    As I read CJ Chilver’s recent post on the lazy billionaire, I was reminded of Patrick Rhone’s approach of using the Apple default apps as much as possible. Notes in Notes Tasks in Reminders Events in Calendar Podcasts in Apple podcasts and so on. Some of these feel more controversial … read more

  • The images we live by

    Metaphors create new worlds. They focus our attention, open our imaginations and help us to see connections. But no metaphor is perfect. If there weren’t any limits or exceptions to a metaphor, it wouldn’t be a metaphor. (this is an extension of the ideas “the map is not the … read more

  • 🔗 The Perils of Audience Capture - by Gurwinder

    The Perils of Audience Capture - by Gurwinder - The Prism In some respects, all his eating paid off; Nikocado Avocado, as Perry is now better known, has amassed over six million subscribers across six channels on YouTube. By satisfying the escalating demands of his audience, he got his wish of … read more

  • 🔗 Facebook's TikTok-like redesign marks sunset of social networking era

    Facebook’s TikTok-like redesign marks sunset of social networking era Mark last week as the end of the social networking era, which began with the rise of Friendster in 2003, shaped two decades of internet growth, and now closes with Facebook’s rollout of a sweeping TikTok-like … read more

  • 🔗 How Reels Have Impacted Engagement Rates on Instagram - Later

    How Reels Have Impacted Engagement Rates on Instagram - Later For those who have pivoted to Reels, engagement rates have remained consistent — or, even better, seen positive growth. So regular posts went down 44% but if you post reels it’s about the same engagement. The headline I saw this shared … read more

  • 🔗Instagram gets worse with dark patterns lifted from TikTok TechCrunch

    Instagram gets worse with dark patterns lifted from TikTok | TechCrunch The new UI is plainly inspired by TikTok, the way Instagram has routinely been “inspired” by its more innovative rivals, like when they clone-stamped Stories out of Snapchat. In this case they took the opportunity to bring in a … read more

  • So long and thanks for all the todoist

    I’ve left todoist. I’m not sure why I was on todoist recently but probably because I wanted a task manager on a windows PC. That’s my usually reason for choosing todoist. But now I’m working in an Apple only environment and I’m free to choose. While todoist has some … read more

  • Joining PomPom as a Marketing Executive

    I've Joined PomPom as a Marketing Executive Back in 2013 I started a small podcast to promote our English School in Badajoz, Spain. We shared our thoughts on Spanish life and made some materials based on the topics we discussed. Our students loved it! The content was intimately relevant for them, … read more

  • The perfect time to change todo app

    I’m starting a new job on Monday so this is perfect moment for me to consider changing task management systems. After all, I have a string of out of tasks for my old work that no longer matter. And this would be a great way to mark the end of my work there and a fresh start. Losing tasks in … read more

  • Episode 2 - 5 WWDC impressions

    For my second micro cast, I thought I’d have a look at WWDC and the five things that caught my attention including that spoke to me as a sketchnoter. I’ve listed the topics below so turn away now if you don’t want any spoilers. Continity camera Messages Stage Manager Freeform M2 … read more

  • Starting is the first step

    I’m starting a micro cast experiment to get more familiar with my new company’s app PomPom. It’s a podcast editor that’s native to the Apple platform so my role as a marketing executive will be to help make it more wide known and create relevant content on the Apple and … read more

  • A brief reflection on hitting issue 50 of my newsletter

    I just published issue 50 of my newsletter! (It’s actually a few extra which I didn’t import). It’s gone through about four iterations during that time but the sketchnote roundup format really seams to have worked for me. I was sharing this content without the newsletter … read more

  • Making the right choice for me.

    I spent ages debating whether or not I should call my site Learn Create Share or keep SketchnoteClassroom or do something else. In the end I changed to Learn Create Share as I wanted an impulse to make sketchnotes about other topics rather than just make sketchnotes on sketchnoting. That was a … read more

  • Managing vs leading.

    I’ve asked some friends for advice on managing a team and a lot of people respond with things on “leadership”. I find that jump interesting. Of course there’s a lot of crossover between the two but I don’t view them as the same. Leadership involves setting the vision … read more