The Guru Trap πŸ”—

I keep coming back to this post and thinking about it. My favourite Apple blogger’s/podcasters have other jobs because they give real examples (exception is Federicco Viticci).

Move Slow and Mend Things? πŸ”—

I’m not sure there is a clear answer, however my gut says that Facebook is more net negative than iPhone. I wonder how much of that could have been avoided if more consideration was given while building out the Facebook, as was given when Apple built iPhone.

This is an interesting link and comment by @ben and I wanted to continue that thought by suggesting the opposite of Facebook’s approach. Move slow and Mend things. Take your time, consider the impact of your actions and the unintended negative side effects.

I wonder what this would also look like in my personal life. If I didn’t jump on the latest hype train but waited to let other -suckers- people test them out first and find the issues. If I were more critical of what I let impact my life than I currently am?

I signed up to a course to learn how to use a drawing app on the iPad better. I had a survey about why I signed up and most of the answers suggested that people want to learn about how to turn their art in to a business. I have no interest in that and it actually made completing the survey difficult! I understand the idea of trying to segment your course attendees and then up sell a business course (everything seems to have a premium turn your … into a business course now) but it really shocked me how β€œOf course you want to do this” it was this time. What’s wrong with doing something #justforfun

A Suggestion for Better Starbucks Cup Size Name

Something I’ve been wondering about. Starbucks coffee size names.

They are clearly influenced by Italian culture and attempt to communicate that but they are confusing so people just use large middle and small (in my experience). So it makes me wonder what could be a better system of names. Ones which reflect Italy but also are clear over the size. - Piccolo - Medio - Grande I don’t think everyone would use them, but you wouldn’t have to remember that Vente is in fact the largest coffee size, not the grand grande.

Come for the Topic, Stay for the Hosts?

I remember hearing Merlin Mann make this statement on back to work some five years ago or so. At the time I nodded my head in agreement, but recently I’ve been questioning this statement a bit.

I initially accepted it as that had been my response with every podcast I listened to, I found them from the topic, but I stayed because I enjoyed the hosts views and the way they talked. In fact, I suspect one of my favorite podcasts of all time had a lot to do with the wonderful timbre of the main host’s voice. As further proof I could point to podcasts where I had tried but stopped listening to because I didn’t enjoy the hosts, and Bionic/bonanza which started as an android podcast but descended (well really ascended) into a podcast about secret volcano bases, Elon Musk’s plans to take over the world, round the world races and saved by the bell.

But lately I have counter points. Podcasts where I enjoy the hosts (as I have/do listen to their other podcasts), but they have moved away from the original topic and so it no longer appeals to me. Or another podcast where I enjoyed these hosts talking about this topic but now they’ve moved into a more generic topic, they don’t seem to be as interesting or original.

While I think Merlin’s statement is a great generalization, I now believe a great podcast is a combination of many factors including the topic, the hosts perspectives and views, their interaction off each other and technical factors like good sound recording.

Georgia On My Mind Playlist

One of my new listening habits at work is to listen to a jazz classic performed by several different people. One of the best things about Jazz is how different performers interpret and add their own flare onto a standard version. YouTube is such a great place to find these variations.

So here is a playlist of variations of Georgia on my mind, some more jazzy, some more bluesy, many are solo guitar pieces but some have backing tracking or a band.

P.s. I’ve made a new page where I’ll collect some of these lists.

One of the Google features that I find incredibly useful and very worrisome is maps telling you predicted busy hours and live results. I often use it to plan when I go to the shops, and yet it is so upfront about how Google is tracking you.

I still love paper

In many ways I think my attachment for my smartphone is born out of my same attachment for notebooks and pens. The later preceded the former when my father gifted me a translucent purple covered a6 pocket notebook at high school. The point was to write my tasks and assignments so I wouldn’t have to rely on my very fallible memory and instead stay organized and on top of things.

The reason it stuck was because I also had a set of bright neon pens that I used to reimagine the cover and pages inside.

Nethertheless, the notebook did it’s job and lead to a transformative moment in my life. I can divide my life into the disorganized forgetful mess I was before I had my first notebook, and the increasingly organizing and effective person I am still becoming since then.

When I went looking to get my first smartphone, the one feature I wanted was a good calendar so I could replace my paper one. I didn’t care about any games or the camera, they were of far lesser importance than the calendar and notes. To this day, my calendar, task manager and notes app are in my top five most used apps (the camera and podcast app are also present).

But despite the usefulness of these applications, there’s still something delightful about paper and pen. The blank page is a creative curse, but it can also be an inspiring invitation.

A blank page can become a picture, a task list, a quick doodle for no reason, a profound quote to be remembered, or a brain dump of ideas and concerns regarding a project.

As great as my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil are, they aren’t the same as a good pen and notebook.